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Cheating Partners - How to Snoop on Them

Updated on January 7, 2014

More relationships break up through cheating partners than anything else. Don't be the last to know, learn how to snoop on your partner to tell if he or she is cheating.

There is always a footprint left somewhere when someone plays away from home, and you as the innocent partner have every right to know if you are being cheated on.

Even in loving, trusting relationships, one or other partner can step out of line, so it always pays to be that one step ahead, and know what you partner is up to at all times.

While this is not always possible, there are steps you can take to minimize the risk of him or her being seduced by someone else.


Check their computer

Check the computer of suspected cheating partners when they are out or sleeping. Look at their emails as well as email address book.

How to know their password

  • If you surreptitiously watch them while they use their computer, you may in fact see them tap their password in, and take note. Don't ask them for their password at this point.

  • Also make a point of approaching them when online with the offer of a cup of tea or something, to see if they are using an email address you don't recognise. It is really easy to make up a new email address as well as keep existing ones.

  • Ask them outright for their password, and they may tell you. Don't do this unless the above methods have failed. If they have something to hide, and suspect you suspect they have something to hide, getting their passwords by watching them will become impossible.

  • If all of the above fail, and you have tried their mother's maiden name, their date of birth, favorite color, football team or whatever and still cannot figure out their password, consider installing a keylogger program on their computer when they are not around.

If you are not especially technical, don't worry because there is plenty of help online if you Google it.

Once you have their password, just check up on everything they do or say online. As nearly everyone these days has access to the internet, the chances are that if they are cheating, the evidence will be there.

Check the mobile phone text messages of suspected cheating partners

Everybody has a mobile phone and everybody texts, so if they are up to anything, the evidence should be here.

It is just a case of going through their mobile when they are sleeping or in the bath or something.

Check phone numbers, text messages, missed calls, last calls, everything, and take note of any number you do not recognise, regardless of the name beside it. Not many people are stupid enough to put their lover's name in their phone.

  • Depending where you are in the world, dial the number that disguises your phone number, and call the phone number you have found (from a different phone, not your partner's mobile).
  • Make up a story to say to whoever answers.
  • Ask if that is London Zoo and ask to speak to Mr Lyon, anything stupid like that. You want to hear what the person who answers sounds like, and if they are male or female.
  • You can always apologise and say "Sorry, wrong number" before you hang up.

Sometimes text messages tell you more than you wanted to know and you realise you have a love rival. Cheating partners are not always as careful as you would imagine.

It is still better to know that be left in the dark.

What to do if phone is locked and you do not know the unlock code?

This is where you have to be a little ingenious. Unless you are very unlucky and they have switched off key tapping sounds, all you need to do is record them when they unlock their phone.

  • You can set up a situation where they need to make an outgoing call. Tell them their brother or sister had called you, wanting to speak to him or her and had been unable to reach them, and you felt it important they received a call back.
  • Have your own mobile handy, and set it to record.
  • Once you have the beeps recorded, and you are alone, you can go through the keypad to find the numbers corresponding with the beeps.

Bingo! You are in!

Check their pockets

It is amazing how many people hang on to receipts from shops, cafes, bars or restaurants.

Assuming you are living with your potentially cheating partner, it is easy enough to go through their pockets or bags when they are not looking.

A receipt from a bar for a beer and a glass of chardonnay can tell so much! Or a cosy meal for two at a restaurant, that you did not know about.

Even worse is a hotel receipt for a night when your partner told you they were working late.

There are all sorts of ways to snoop on your partner, and even in a trusting and loving relationship, it is important to do this now and again.

if nothing else, the whole exercise will keep you on your toes. The merest hint that your partner might be cheating is all the more reason for you to take good care of yourself and not let yourself go.

All relationships can grow stale if not worked at, and that is when a partner is more likely to cheat. Keep your relationship alive and snoop on your partner, now that you know how.

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