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Can You Cheat Undetected In Relationships?

Updated on March 21, 2016

Why Do People Cheat On Others?

The cheating game arises mainly because of these factors. If we can address them then we can curb the malpractice.

  • The body is always lustful.It normally craves for pleasures which it enjoys. Yet the body will one day perish. It will die,buried and it will rot.
  • Stolen fruits seem to taste sweeter than the fruits that we have been given. It is a matter of the forbidden fruit. Adam and Eve couldn't resist it. They went for it thus plunging the world into imperfection.
  • Being involved with pornography has really corrupted the mind in such a way that many are never satisfied in relationships. This leaves a void that many are trying to fill with little success. The more you get results into the more you want. One who cheats is also cheated upon by the one they are cheating with and the circle moves on.
  • Majority of people have refused to embrace religion in their lives.If they do,they do not follow the principles taught in those religions. They believe that they are outdated. Some embrace some religions which succumb to acts of the flesh.
  • Respect to the marriage institutions is dwindling as more and more people disregard the vows made in the institution. Majority of people in marriages are just there because of the children. They do not love any more.
  • The devil is using cheating to draw many to his side. Very many have created ties with the devil and thus the evil that goes on.
  • The mode of dress also contributes to cheating. Many people often dress half-nakedly. They normally leave bare some parts which normally arouses desire. Some clothing are too tight or too short for that matter.
  • Some clubs have strip-teases which also may contribute to cheating.
  • Magazines,publications and the internet also has contributed to cheating through the nude photos that they show. Nakedness was once sacred yet now it is a commodity of advertisements.What goes in also comes out.Bad images normally corrupt the mind and the body.
  • Television,video and movies have also had their share. Unfaithfulness and cheating have become the order of the day.

Alcoholism,drug addiction and pervasiveness have also contributed much to cheating and unfaithfulness.

  • Then I heard a voice from heaven saying to me,"Write:'Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord from now on' |Yes," says the spirit,:that they may rest from their labors, and their work follow them." Bible REV 14:13

The bible talks of ones work following them. Either the good or the bad that we do will follow us. Our repentance should be done when we are still alive.So it is our responsibility to repent now and leave our evil ways. Cheating does not pay.

As innocent as holy Mary

innocent baby
innocent baby

Cheat Or Not Cheat-The Option Is Yours

Unfaithfulness has drastically become the order of the day! People cheat at the slightest provocation. It is as if they are suddenly becoming beastly. That is the more reason I give you some cheating tips here.

We have to consider these people we cheat with,don't we? I am sure there are some characteristics that you do consider. Don't you do that? Or you just jump on the bandwagon when you are bid to?No,at-least you consider the person you normally cheat with. The person should be disease free,honest and loving. He ought to be secretive too. He or she must be trusted and admirable. That person should be better than that person with whom you have a relationship with. You must love that person too. Or is love out of the question? The person must be faithful to you too. Or should he or she cheat on you too? We love to cheat on others but we do not like others to cheat on us. That person should be just right. Otherwise why should you look for a person who is less than your spouse or fiancee to cheat with?

The place to cheat is another important factor.It should be secluded,somber and quiet. The people who go there must be 'birds of a feather',very discreet. That place must be comfortable and where you can feel free to be. You must feel safe and very comfortable there.It should a place where you will never be discovered.

Another factor is the day to cheat. Do you cheat on any day? Of-course not. The day should be when your spouse can not easily suspect. It should also be a day when your spouse is not around.Can Sunday do? Should it be on a working day when your spouse has gone to work? You can get that day off the work. Pretend to be sick. Oh, my God!


Why should one go to such an extend just for a short time's pleasure? Is it really worth it? Have we ever considered the other aggrieved party?

The only person who fits my description above is Jesus Christ, He is the only one who can satisfy the human thirst forever, He is the living water. He can be faithful,free from diseases and trustworthy. He alone cannot let you down.

The place should be the church and the day mostly is on a Sunday. The faithfuls are the only people you can trust.

We have to repent all our sins. We have to call on the lord to quench our cheating thirst forever. The hour is at hand and all that we do will be shown like a movie before our own eyes. The one who repents has his sins forgiven. Sin soils one and repentance washes away the stains.

In Ezekiel 18:16-20 says that once we repent our sins are forgiven and forgotten.No single sin will ever be remembered. You become as clean as new. You can walk with your head held high. No more cheating.


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