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Cheating on your Boyfriend: A How-To Guide

Updated on September 7, 2011

Is cheating in a relationship bad? Oh yeah. Why? Well, for anyone who has ever been cheated on, it hurts really bad when you find out that someone you have been committed to emotionally and sexually for any amount of time has gotten their kicks with another mate. It makes you question yourself as a lover and lowers your self-esteem immensely.

Is cheating always bad though? What if you are the one doing the cheating? You probably are feeling a new sense of freedom and have found meaning to your once boring life. Your partner in crime has that squeaky new lover smell and feel. It gives you a boost of self-confidence. It may even rekindle your existing relationship.

The only people who are bitter about cheating are the ones who get cheated on. The actual cheater is probably having the time of their lives, except for when the guilt kicks in. This guilt is obviously brought on by those bitter folks who have been cheated on and the cheaters' underlying emotions from past experiences when they were cheated on.

So, how do you properly cheat on a boyfriend. First off, don't call it cheating just yet. Refer to it as exploring your options. There are lots of fish in this sea and the partner you are with now may not be your best match. Secondly, don't go out looking to cheat on your partner - that is just plain mean. If you know you aren't happy and you want to see other people, get out of your relationship before you hurt the poor guy.

The opportunity to explore your relationship options has to come to you, and when it does, you are totally free to pursue from that point on. Keep in mind that once this happens you become a fugitive on the run. You can't go back to being a one mankind of woman. From this point on you either get caught, admit to your crime, or you get away with it.

For those that get caught, did you want to get caught? Getting caught cheating is an extremely good exit for getting yourself out of a bad relationship. Forgiveness for cheating is tough, and for those that try to pursue a relationship with a guy after cheating on him, get out now. The trust has left the building and is never coming back!

If you don't want to get busted - don't give your boyfriend a reason to wonder. An extreme change in your daily pattern is a pretty big giveaway. You are probably changing inside during the whole process, but you have to keep your poker face on in your current relationship. It is going to be tough, but stay focused. Don't tell anyone what you are up to, even your pet fish. If you tell anyone, your current boyfriend will eventually find out, because the moment you tell someone of extracurricular sexual activities, you are boasting and when the time is right and you get fed up, you will ultimately want to boast this information to your boyfriend.

If you find that you are happy in your new found love option, and you don't want to end your current relationship on a bad note. Break up with your boyfriend, and then pursue your newfound option. Don't mention cheating anywhere in this process, no matter how hard it will be not to!

Remember that once you ditch your man and run to your new love interest, he will ultimately become yesterday's news and you are probably going to get tired of him quickly when the thrill of cheating has left the equation. There will always be that big issue of trust as well because he knows that you are fully capable of cheating again.

What if your boyfriend is on the other side of the country for business and you go out and a new option pops up and you take advantage of that new option but then in the morning, you feel really guilty and realize that you love your current boyfriend more than anything and don't want to lose him. If there were no witnesses to this crime, you are good to go. Condition your mind to think that this event never occurred, don't tell a soul, even that nosy pet fish of yours! Whatever you do, don't give in to the guilt. Once you tell your boyfriend what you did and try to ask forgiveness, it is going to be a long and rocky road. It would hurt him more knowing what you did than never knowing at all!

If you had witnesses, it is going to be tough to stay innocent. In rare cases this is possible if you stick to your guns and don't confess and always deny!

If you really want to hurt your boyriend, go explore some options and come back and tell him. Cry to him, tell him your sorry, ask for forgiveness. He will be furious and if he is a nice guy and does love you, he will say that he forgives you eventually, but he will always hold a bitterness in his heart for you. He will probably even resort to exploring his own options under the assumption that if my girlfriend can do it and she hurt me this bad then I can do it too and hurt her just as bad. Guys can be very spiteful!

The take home key to cheating on you boyfriend is don't do it! If you do explore your options and like what you get, end your current relationship and move on. If you make a mistake in exploring your options, keep it to yourself. If you just like the thrill of exploring your options and enjoy hurting men's feelings, keep on doing what you are doing, but Karma will catch up to you!


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    • profile image

      Ahmad 2 years ago

      I got so excited when I saw the first two pics were Henry Cavill and then was a liltte sad when the rest weren't, haha! I love him. Anybody know who the guy is in #6?? He's gorgeous!! Also, #14 YES!!! Pleeeeeease can we get an all Donald Glover post?! He's super sexy and super talented and wonderful.

    • Apology4Wolves profile image

      Apology 5 years ago from Kentucky

      I admire that you were honest and that it ended up being the best thing for you. I wasn't that smart years ago.

      However, do you really believe that we have no control over our behavior and that something can make us cheat? As a cheater who cheated for more than 20 years but hasn't cheated in 10 years, I just don't believe that "the devil made me do it" is credible.

      I relate to the Toby Keith song too but the truth is, cheating has nothing to do with the person being cheated on.

    • Limeline99 profile image

      Limeline99 5 years ago from South Carolina

      I do believe that honesty is the best policy. As I mentioned in the article when you head out the door to specifically cheat on your signifigant other, you are a mean and heartless person. Most honest people don't want to cheat, but sometimes things beyond our control happen that cause people to cheat. I have been on both sides of the cheating fence and I used the 100% honesty policy when I was the one doing the cheating. We tried to continue our relationship, but the trust had gone completely out the window. Looking back now, I was glad I was totally honest about it because it made us both realize we weren't right for each other and needed to end things. When I was being cheated on it was frustrating as hell because he failed to use the honesty policy, so I had evidence, but could never get a confession. In the end, I was glad that I never got a true confession. Have you ever heard that Toby Keith song, "I wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then"? yeah, it's kind of like that.

    • Apology4Wolves profile image

      Apology 5 years ago from Kentucky

      Exploring your options? Huh?

      With all due respect, that's ridiculous. If you want to cheat, then immediately end your current relationship or at least tell your boyfriend that you want to sleep with other guys. Then, unless he wants to mess around too with other women, he'll end the relationship for you.

      It's called honesty. Honesty should be a given, right?