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Cherokee and Louis

Updated on March 21, 2016

What do you want? Please define

I know what I want out my life and my relationships. I am not going to fight, beg, plead or anything of that sort of nature to get what I want. If I explain something to you repeatedly that bothers me about you and you are not working on it, don't get mad at me when I adjust myself accordingly. People think they can get people in trouble with the legal system and other crazy things to force someone to do what they want them to do. Most people that have anything going for them in life is going to get tired of the drama and leave you exactly where you belong in life-the gutter. Nobody and Nobody ain't got time for that that's trying to be somebody and trying to go somewhere.You wonder why people are in their 40's and ain't going no where hang out with them for a day and trust me you won't have any problems picking at least three major issues in their life.

Women you set the tone of the relationship

It's funny that people get in these relationships but don't check people backgrounds. Do your research find out from his friends and/or family members. Trust me someone that knows him is going to warn you about that person. Dig deeper to find out if that person has changed, if not runaway as fast as you can. One indicator of how a woman or man is going to be is by his social media profile. Do you know most people that ain't about substance-character, integrity, honesty, etc... don't have their real name as their profile name on a social media site. The only real reason would be that they are CEOs of large corporations and/or entertainers (do you understand?). Most of these women are being born to women who are single. Find out about someone mother-do they have three or four different baby daddys. What kind of pictures are they posting? Always trying to show their figure. Really you think that's cool? Seriously nothing is wrong with being sexy but if you are smart you can tell the difference. It's sad that a child have to mature some ignorant men and women into adulthood by that time you are struggling trying to make something out of life because you didn't see the light earlier. Seriously, when are going to start educating poor ignorant people?


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