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Chicago Resident Sues Tinder For Ending Up In Actual Relationship

Updated on August 18, 2015

Social Issues

Katie Palfenier

Jamie Frankfurt met us on the relatively empty steps of the Chicago Civil Court – Social Media Branch. It was a very different scene than yesterday's crowded conclusion of the landmark "People vs. Facebook - Ask Before You Tag", case. Jamie's eyes looked bright, but her shoulders carried the tell-tale heaviness of someone who knows that they are in for a long fight.

The company that Jamie has brought before the eyes of justice, is the dating app Tinder. Jamie claims that she is the first in a long line of people who have the same devastating problem with the app.

“It's marketed as a 'hook up' tool. When I first decided to download it, I thought maybe it would help me find some quick strange. What I did not expect, was to end up in a committed relationship.” As it turns out, commitment was not even the worst of it. It took Jamie a moment to gather her courage before telling us that not only was the relationship 'committed' but that it was also 'exclusive'.

“There's a long history of exclusivity in Chicago. I've even read some research online indicating it might be spreading all over The United States.” The information was grim, but not surprising. Only three weeks ago we had done a story on a man who was caught not practicing exclusivity by his fundamentalistly exclusive girlfriend. His treasured collection of "Mumford and Sons" albums ended up in the gutter as a direct result. It seemed like shocking acts of aggression by this fringe group were on the rise.

“Falling into this kind of trap is even worse when it happens on Tinder.” Jamie continued. “It's like renting a car and ending up buying it. Sure, the car might be amazing and turn out to be everything you need, but having an option to buy is negligible. Now I have a car I didn't budget for and, I know a lot of people used it.” Indeed, it was hard to see an honest citizen such as Jaime have to endure such an ordeal.

What has made it worse is Tinder's refusal to make a comment on the situation. We asked Jamie how her boyfriend has reacted to all this. Jamie sighed heavily and shook her head. “He's is being incredibly supportive.” The community of Chicago encourages Jamie to remain strong until she finds justice.


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