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Child Custody – Unmarried Parents Rights

Updated on August 11, 2010

Child Custody – Unmarried Parents Rights

In the 1990s we saw a lot of births being given by mothers that were not married. In fact, one in three children appeared in these conditions. All the decisions that unmarried parents will take can cause emotional shifts in the life of the child. This can easily lead towards problems as the kid is growing up. The hard truth of this matter is that children need both mothers and fathers. Even if a couple will separate or fight, the important factor needs to be the child. It is highly advised that you pay close attention to the behavior of the child in order to spot all problems that he might have.

In most situations the unmarried parents think that they will end up being married as the child grows. The problem that can be seen is that there are many possible variables. Child custody battles can easily appear from this. According to statistics the mother is to gain custody rights in 85 % of cases. If she was a main caregiver we can be faced with even higher percentages. Unfortunately this will lead towards father being taken out of the life of his child in most cases. With parents that are unmarried we can always be faced with argument chances that are much higher when compared to divorced couples. Unfortunately we do see children being used as merely children to hurt other people at times. You need to understand that children that grow up with just one parent can end up being scarred for life.

All child custody cases are really difficult. Good news can be offered from the fact that most of the courts we see today will mainly think about the child's needs when making decisions. Talking to specialists is highly recommended if you need more information, especially if you are a part of an unmarried couple. This is mainly true when separations happen. There is no reason why the child should suffer for mistakes that you did.


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