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How to be Emotionally Supportive to our Children

Updated on November 8, 2015

All our children need to be emotionally supported regardless of age, whether they are old or young they have to be aware that there is support available to them at all times. Infants and children benefit greatly, when they feel, they are being cared for consistently, respectably and responsively. You have to sit and watch the child for you to know what excites and soothes the child, and then you need to educate yourself to respond to the child accordingly. When we give care & affection to the children, it makes them feel that they are special and it helps them to develop emotionally.


You have to support your child if they face any problems, never show your anger if they have not done well in school. Better way to deal with is to have that discussion with the school teachers and if you can afford, help your child by getting private tutor to improve in the subjects that the child has not achieved.

We as parents will have to provide security for our kids; you have to listen to your children if you notice that they are having some problems, if you try to help them to come out of it, will make them feel secure. If the child looks worried or angry, you need to approach the child and ask whether they need help in anyway, try and make the close connection with them using that opportunity. You have to talk about their emotions and teach them to manage their emotions. To make them feel more comfortable, physical holding of your child will create a safety atmosphere, will increase confidence. Children are continuously learning, when you give them love & affection, thy learn to give it back to you.



If someone tries to disrupt my child emotionally on purpose through jealousy or may be for some other reason, as a parent we have to step in and support my child. I will never ever leave my child unsupported emotionally and I will always make them feel secure. The feeling of safety is important for a child’s development, and it has to be shown in such a way that the child will not take that in a wrong way. Children can be exposed to violence by much older people, we should be in a position to protect them and also they must be emotionally supported by the parents so that they will not have any fear of talking to the parents if they experience any abuse from outside society. Children are capable of believing any one and we should always provide safety to them from strangers trying to have any sort of conversations with them.

Emotional Wellness

If you were unfortunate that you were born in a family where you didn’t get the emotional support, and affection, you will not know how to give that support to your own child as you didn’t have any experience. I was born in a family, where I didn’t have any emotional support, I had to learn everything on my own to support my kids. As a mother you always think that you don’t want your children to go through the discomfort that you have gone through in your own life. So, when you genuinely love your children, anything is possible for you to provide for their wellbeing. I believerthat here is no hard & fast rule in parenting.


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