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Chivalry? Where Are You?

Updated on December 3, 2014

Recently, I had a conversation with my best friend. He said, "Chivalry is dead because no one is chivalrous without expecting something in return."

I thought about this statement. I questioned, "What does it mean?" "Why can't people be generous without expecting something in return?"

Is chivalry really dead? If so, how do we get it back?

First, let's define chivalry. According to the Free Dictionary website, chivalry is "courteous behavior towards women". I interpreted this as treating women with respect.

Obviously, in modern day culture, it's hard to respect women because every time you go on the internet, there is nude photo or video of a female. It's no wonder why men aren't chivalrous.

A man doesn't want to be with a woman who doesn't respect herself. Now, some of you may think that this isn't true. However, I challenge you to ask your male friends, brothers, cousins, etc. what they think of women who post nude pictures and videos. Ask them if they respect her.

Don't worry, I'll wait.......

Anyways, while you're doing that, I'll get back to my main argument. Is chivalry dead?

It may be. There is no way to fully tell because everyone has their own opinion of what it means to be chivalrous. I believe chivalry is respecting all genders. It's realizing all people have value and deserve respect just because they're human.

As you read earlier, the Free Dictionary says "chivalry is courteous behavior". This means anytime someone displays courteous behavior towards any living being, they are being chivalrous.

I am aware the Dictionary said, "courteous behavior towards women", but courteous behavior should be shown to men as well.

Men need to know they are respected and valued, probably more so than women. This is something we never talk about, but I promise I'll get to this discussion at a later date.

Can we bring chivalry back?

Of course! The only thing necessary is the idea that all life has value and everyone deserves respect.

I know people say, "Chivalry is dead", but I say, "It's not. It just needs to be acknowledged."


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