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Choosing Your Spouse Over Your Children

Updated on March 31, 2014

women and children


When you are in a good relationship with a caring sufficient other, there should never be a reason while you should choose between your man and your children.

Loving and taking care of your children is the duties of a mother w ho will always put my children for most before any man, I choose to be with. One of the rules I was taught by my mom that no man could ever take the place of your children; Men comes and goes but your child will always be yours no matter what.Women who chooses a man over their children are women who are mostly battered with a very low self esteem. Esteem is the feeling of not being worthy deserving, waking up each morning with that feeling of of helplessness. These women don't care for themselves, will link themselves to any man who looks their way, bringing innocent children into the world to suffer. These dominant men will control the mines of women, making them do what they wants..Maggie x is the mother of 7 children, the wife and the bread winner, of her family. Each and every day she fears for the safety of her children,knowing her husband would hurt them if she didn't obey him. I am the man of this house you and these kids will do what I tell you to do .. Once Maggie was asked why she didn't leave him? I love him she stated, he is not like this all the time, it happen when we don't listen to him, We deserve to be treated bad when we deserve him. I looked at-Maggie who was crying by now, I want to leave him, I can't.I know he'll hurt my babies, if I attempted to do so. You must leave before he hurt you or one of your children, things will get better she said.She had made up her mind to stay with him with regardless, not thinking about the safety of her children. There are so many more women out their who are going threw the problems, refusing to believe that they need to protect themselves and their families.


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    • jada67 profile image

      Maxine Daniels Foster 4 years ago from Boston MA

      Nothing in the world is more important than My children. When I decided to become a mother, every thing else had to take a few steps back except god.