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Choosing a Wedding DJ - 5 Things To Think About

Updated on March 26, 2014

The Importance of a Good Wedding DJ

Choosing the right entertainment for your wedding is one of the most important parts of a successful wedding. Nothing is worse than a meticulously planned, beautifully organized wedding with horrible music, poor sound quality & a poorly planned playlist.

We've all been there - that million dollar wedding, with stunning flowers, a drop-dead-gorgeous bride and perfect day, all ruined by cheesy awful music.

The reality is that choosing a good DJ for your wedding is just as important as finding the perfect dress. Knowing what to look for, and which pitfalls to avoid is key to a successful event.

1) Ask Around for Wedding DJ Recommendations

An experienced wedding DJ should come highly recommended and should have a strong presence in the wedding vendors if your area. Thankfully, finding information online about vendors isn’t hard to do, and a simple google search could help you decide how happy past clients have been with their work. In many cases venue owners and wedding consultants will be able to tell you if the DJ you are thinking of hiring knows his stuff!

Cheap isn't always better

If you stumble across a "real steal:, a wedding DJ that offers the moon but costs half of what everyone else is asking, make sure to do your homework and think twice. Finding a cheap DJ isn't hard to do, but the reality is that most of the inexpensive options are cheap for a reason. Paying more is preferable to having your special day ruined by horrid music and poor sound.

Paying a little more for an experienced Wedding DJ is always the better option. Not only will they have far more experience and be better able to smoothly manage the event, but, they will most likely have more modern equipment and a strong contingency plan.


Shop Around - Don't Settle

Never settle on the first DJ you talk to or hear about. Making sure you talk to several DJ’s and shopping around before deciding on "The One" is a great way to make sure you get the best wedding dj around.

Bridal fairs are a great place to meet Wedding DJ’s that service your area and get a feel for their style and services. Make sure to take a list of questions with you to ask them, and get contact information for as many as you can.

Ask About Contingency Plans

Make sure you ask the right questions so there are no surprised. Ask about contingency plans, does the DJ have backup equipment in case something goes wrong? What if the DJ gets sick or unable to attend for some reason, is there a backup plan? Making sure that there are plans in place in case of an unforeseen event is extremely important and can help you avoid disaster.

The Song List & Mic Style

The best Wedding DJ will have the option for you to provide a custom playlist rather than simply provide a standard ‘wedding playlist’. Your custom list should be able to contain a variety of music styles to match the vibe or style of your wedding. Another aspect of this is to ask the DJ what their mic style is and how they encourage guests to dance or participate. An experienced DJ will have a solid answer and be prepared to keep the party moving.

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Finally, make sure you have fun!

Choosing the right weddingng DJ is very important, but, following a few simple rules can help you make the best choice for your wedding and have a successful evening. Remember that cheaper isn't always better, in fact, the opposite does tend to be true. Make sure you do your research and find an experience and knowledgeable DJ that will help your wedding and reception be a perfect and memorable night.


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