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How to Choose Your Wedding Colours: Hints and Tips to Help You Choose The Right Colour Scheme for Your Wedding Day

Updated on July 22, 2018
Choosing Your Wedding Colours
Choosing Your Wedding Colours

A Few Tips to Get Started

Choosing your Wedding colours is a far bigger deal than you might have thought. The right choice of colours create a haven of atmosphere, delighting your guests and expressing what your big day says and means about you. Think of your weeding colours as your thoughts and expectations, your hopes, your wishes and most of all your love for someone that you have decided to be with for the rest of your life. Indeed your wedding colours are truly a big deal.

Have you chosen your bridesmaids dresses yet? Have you chosen your wedding bouquet? If you have, then choosing your wedding colours will be easier. The over all wedding colours must compliment the bride's wedding dress and her bridesmaids dresses. The colour scheme for your wedding day must not be overlooked. The colour you choose is very important and will bring everything together.

The right colour creates the 3 A's: atmosphere, ambience and allure. The wrong colour doesn't create; the wrong colour upsets the balance and that my dear is something you do not want to do on your wedding day. Take a long look at the wedding pictures show in this article and you will see how easy it can be to blend and match colours. Delicate sophistication can evolve with the right colour choice as can elborate and fun. In other words the right colours can bring you into the center of your very own wedding creation.

  • The bridesmaids dresses don't have to be the same shade of colour. Thus creating a wonderful visual effect. Imagine blends of blue or hues of green.
  • Observe the dept of colours in the bouquets alining the isle; simple lillies yet delightfully coordinated with pale sunshine yellow and the spray of pure white blossoms nestled among the deep green. A rich yet fresh creation.
  • The isle pictured above is very dramatic: A stage; the beautiful bride will sail along the blue ocean amid the waves to meet her ship mate waiting for her.

I chose these pictures to show you how drama can mix with simplicity. The colours you choose must add drama, but not steel the show.

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Important Facts to Consider When Choosing Your Wedding Colours

  • The Season:

Winter requires rich, warm colours: velvet purples; deep reds; ebony greens; earthy browns; luxury plums.

Spring loves fresh colours: shades of lush evergreen; bright delicate yellows; blushing pink; pastel shades.

Summer seems to hold her own with paler colours: shades of soft lilac; sea blues; sunshine peach; bright whites; clean ivory.

Autumn cries out for deep amber yellows, burnt orange, bold gold and rich creamy chocolate.

Every season has her favorite colours. Use this knowledge to your advantage. Tweak it a little and make it your own.

  • Wedding Flowers:

Are you using a favorite flower in your bouquets, flower displays and button holes? Your wedding colours will need to reflect the colour of the flowers and enhance your choice.

  • Favorite Colour:

Perhaps you already have a favorite colour, simply build from this and introduce other colours. For example: Peach, yellow and pale green are wonderfully understated together. However red and white create a beautiful dramatic effect with the colour peach. Slightly different shades of the same colour as mentioned above also work as do bold colours like deep purple with pale colours such as Lilac.

  • Décor:

What is the décor of the wedding ceremony location? Are there fixed carpets, drapes, furniture? Is there a strong colour scheme or do you have a blank canvas?

  • The Wedding Reception:

What colours if any decorate this area? How can you compliment exsiting colours? Do you need to camouflage any colours?

  • Bridal Accessories:

What colours if any will you and your bridesmaids wear in your hair? Are you wearing a coloured sash or train? Do you have a wrap or shawl? Are there any colours or decorations on your wedding shoes?

  • Theme:

Do you have a theme or perhaps an emotion you would like to express through your day? See colours and their meaning list below.

  • The Wedding Cake:

Is your wedding cake a white tower or are you planning to have hundreds of coloured sugar decorations, wedding figurines and bright shiny ribbons?

  • Wedding Invitations:

Will your wedding invitations be on coloured paper. Have coloured lettering and/or ribbons or gold leaf.

Coordinate Your Colours

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Colours and Their Meaning

Below I have listed colours and their meanings to help you get into the mood for choosing your wedding colours. Colours are full of emotion and expressions. You might like to choose colours based on their individual message and symbolism to enhance a theme or emotion you would like to include in your special day and share with your family and guests.

To the left you will see numerous blends of different colours, again to bring to your minds eye how a mix of colours can really set a stage and bring a whole room together.

  • Red:

A truly romantic colour bringing passion and love to your wedding day. Red delivers a strong message of confidence and vitality.

  • Pink:

Lovers of all things beautiful love the delicate colour pink. This tender, loving colour brings universal love and is wonderfully associated with the delightful blush of a young girls cheek.

  • Orange:

A warm, sincere colour stimulating enthusiasm and a burning desire to be creative. A ray of summer sunshine and one of Tuesdays colours.

  • Gold:

Optimistic people are said to like the colour gold. Perhaps it is the symbol of wealth and riches or the message of success that travels with the colour gold that encourages their positive affections. The colour gold is also associated with good health.

  • Yellow:

Joy and happiness ooze from this colour as does positive energy and good future prospects. Yellow carries a solid message of wisdom and clarity. The colour yellow is the favored colour of Sunday.

  • Green:

A wonderful earth colour expressing fertility and life, self awareness and well being. Green is tranquil and fresh; the force of life. A peaceful colour of strength and growth. Fridays colour.

  • Blue:

The colour of the ocean and the sea. A constant in our lives; a calming, comfortable colour always in our vision. A pure colour symbolizing sincerity and spirituality.

  • Purple:

Magic and mystery engulf this colour. Creative people love the colour purple. This colour also represents peace of mind and is one of Thursdays colours.

  • Brown:

An earth colour that blends with many other colours. A solid colour symbolizing warmth and nature. A natural colour.

  • White:

A pure colour that reflects so many others. A prism of white light; of new beginnings. A colour that brings a message of purity, kindness and truth.

A Last Note...

Choosing your wedding colours is a very important part of your wedding. The colours will set the stage and encourage emotions through the day. Your colours need to flow from your invitations, ceremony, reception, to you the bride, your bridesmaids, the wedding party and carry through to the wedding photos and the cutting of your wedding cake.

I hope the sample pictures provided give you an idea how easily colours blend. If you don't like too much colour think of using many shades of just one or two colours. Visit your local DIY store and check out the paint section for colour palettes or visit a fabric shop and compare colour schemes to help plant an idea in your mind. Wallpaper samples, bedroom or living room show rooms are great for kick starting your creative side, as are bathroom tiles.

Whatever you choose, know a little of what your colours have to say, after all they bring a wonderful message to a very special day.

© 2010 Gabriel Wilson


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