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Chris Brown- Why He Might Not Perform In Australia

Updated on September 26, 2015

Chris Brown


He is a popular R &B hit maker in the land of America. Some of his best songs include; Say Good bye, Turn up the music,take you down among others. He is surely a world star.He is in demand all over the world. Remember the great Philiphines concert in Manilla which attracted thousands of his loyal fans?. It is has always been said that no matter how good a person may be,he/she has a weakness. Some however may be costly. I guess he never knew that his domestic violence against another hit maker, Rihanna would attract global attention like it has done.

How It Began

Chris Brown- Rihanna affair began in year 2005 when they met. Everything went on well between the two sweethearts. Life was rosy. Their good love was the talk in every media house. Things took another turn in year 2009 when Chris Brown attacked Rihanna. He badly bruised Rihanna’s face. They parted ways until 2013 when they were back together.

Ending cycles of domestic violence


Consequences of the Attack

This Chris Brown attack on Rihanna happened some years ago just like it has happened to millions and millions in the world. While many go unnoticed, the ones which involve superstars like they are never die like that.He pleaded guilty to assaulting Rihanna and was put on probation which ended in March 2015. But that seems not to be the end of his career troubles. It seems like Chris Brown can never walk and perform in all the countries he wants because of that same issue of domestic violence.It may look harsh but that is the way it is.

Ending Cycles of Domestic Violence


Countries Which Have Denied Chris Brown Visa

United Kingdom

The American singer was denied a visa to enter UK. This forced him to cancel his Glasgow, Manchester and London concerts in June, 2010. This denial was to serve as a good lesson to people who engage in domestic violence all over the world.


Canada is the other country which does not condone cases of domestic violence and therefore as a way of protecting its citizens, it denied Chris Brown an entry visa.He was to perform in Montreal and Toronto.

Will Australia be the next on the list?

Australia is the other country which does not condone cases of domestic violence. There have been ongoing debates on whether this great country will denied Chris Brown a visa. It has been reported that the Australian Immigration department will look at Chris Brown’s case very seriously meaning that chances are that he can be denied the visa. He has planned four big shows scheduled for December this year. The human rights activist groups are already collecting signatures to convince the involved departments not to issue visa to Chris Brown.

New Zealand

It is the other country where Chris Brown cannot easily travel to. The laws of this country bar any person who has been excluded from visiting any other country for genuine reasons from getting a visa. He has already been denied New Zealand

Chris Brown concert at Sufapest, Sydney, Australia, 2012


Lesson to every person

Every good or bad thing that you do no matter who you are in this world will follow you. You actions will never go unrewarded. It is only a matter of time before you start reaping the fruits of your actions. It is always good to think about the future impact of your action.


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