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Christian Wedding Sermons

Updated on January 29, 2014

Christian Wedding

The author and her husband marry at First Church of the Nazarene in El Paso, TX in a Christian ceremony.
The author and her husband marry at First Church of the Nazarene in El Paso, TX in a Christian ceremony. | Source

Christian Wedding Sermons

Christian wedding sermons are sometimes a part of a wedding ceremony. The happy couple may ask their pastor to put together a short sermon for their marriage ceremony filled with wisdom about marriage that will be helpful to all of the guests.

This can be a message the pastor writes specifically for this occasion or one that the pastor uses for special weddings or anniversaries.

Wedding sermons can be based solely on Bible verses or they can be based on the experience of married couples, including the pastor's own experiences.

My husband, David, who pastored several churches, has graciously written a sermon for you. If you would like to use it at your wedding, please feel free to do so.

Christian wedding sermons can be full of good advice and good Biblical content. They can also have some humor and some good light-hearted fun.

Sample Christian Wedding Sermons

Christian wedding sermons can begin with a Scripture reading. Sometimes, especially if non-believers are in attendance, you may want to get their attention by using a little humor. Remember, Christians can have fun. They are supposed to be happy, instead of always having a look of pain or sourness on their faces! Let Christ shine in you.

That is what my husband usually does when he delivers a sermon, a speech, or when he performs a wedding. He has performed quite a few, some formal, some very informal such as the wedding he performed once during his lunch hour on the grounds outside his office building when he used to make reservations for American Airlines here in San Antonio back in 2000!

Two of his co-workers knew he was a pastor and asked him to perform the wedding for them right there at work a few days prior. The grounds outside of his office were very pretty and made the perfect backdrop for the wedding. Of course, it was his honor and privilege to marry them. His gift to them was to perform the ceremony pro bono. How cool is that?

Wedding sermons can include the pastor reading specific text from the Bible that goes along with what he will speak about.

Or if the bride and groom have already had their favorite wedding Scriptures read earlier in the wedding ceremony, the pastor can just jump right in and deliver his wedding sermon.

Not too many wedding guests will bring a Bible with them to a wedding so the pastor does not have to give the audience time to find a passage of Scripture as he normally would in church.

Sample Christian Wedding Sermon

The sample Christian wedding sermon on this page was written by my husband, David, who pastored for several years. He is a graduate of Nazarene Bible College in Colorado Springs and has a Bachelor's degree in Biblical studies.

He starts his sample Christian wedding sermon with an opening joke, just like he starts every sermon off with a joke. You will notice that Joel Osteen does the same thing with each sermon he preaches, only my husband was doing it years before Joel ever started to preach.

Some find David's and Joel's jokes and sermon styles offensive. Still others enjoy them. Remember, what you choose to use for your wedding sermon is up to you and your officiant. This is just a sample Christian wedding sermon.

Sample Christian Wedding Sermon

Susie was really excited. She was going to her first wedding. She wanted to be at the wedding early in order to get a front row seat, or as close to the front as she could get.

As they entered the church, Susie’s curiosity took control. She looked at all the beautiful flowers and decorations. She listened to the music being played. She was totally awed by all that she was seeing and experiencing.

The pianist started playing "Here Comes The Bride". The wedding party starting making its way down the aisle. Susie noticed the bridesmaids in their gorgeous dresses and the groomsmen in their tuxes. The ladies were all young and pretty. The groomsmen were all young and handsome.

As she continued to look on the procession as it went by, the ringbearer and the flowergirl went by.

Finally the congregation stood as the bride made her grand entrance. Susie started in awe at the Bride. She was also young and beautiful in her white gown. But then Susie noticed that the man walking with her was not so young and he was not as handsome as the others. He was walking with a limp and was balding.

She listened and watched with intense interest to the wedding ceremony. But because of her size she could not see all that was happening. When the ceremony was over, she noticed the wedding party leave. First the bride and her new husband followed by the bridesmaids and groomsmen.

After the wedding Susie said to her mom, “Mom I think I understand how this wedding stuff works. You take your old model husband and trade him for a new one! When are you going to trade Dad in?

Let’s go back to the beginning of marriage, way back to the days of Adam and Eve. In the book of Genesis, Moses tells us that woman was created from man to be his helpmate. God also told them to be fruitful and multiply.

The First Wedding:

The first wedding was very simple. There were no showers, no future in-laws to meet. No bachelor party to plan. No wedding rehearsal and no rehearsal dinner to worry about. No invitations to send out. No honeymoon to plan. There was absolutely no stress at all. And there was no wedding dress to fuss over.

The First Night:

Well, the Genesis account tells us that Adam “lay” with his wife which means he had physical contact with her. The rest is left up to our imaginations. But let's look at a couple of intimate things that may help with that first night.

Women, physical contact starts in a man’s mind. During the wedding you have been thinking about all sorts of things while he has only been thinking of one thing--his first encounter with you to gratify a burning desire that has been building up in him since puberty. So on the first night it will not take much to light his fire.

Men, women are a little more complicated than we are. If you do not know this yet you will soon. While you have been only thinking of one thing for weeks, she has been busy thinking of many things from every minute detail of the wedding to each piece of clothing she would pack for the honeymoon. Having physical contact may not have even crossed her mind.

For women physical starts emotionally. Her emotional needs have to be met before she is ready physically. Her mind needs to be cleared of all the excitement that has been going on. After the wedding she will be emotionally and physically drained.

I would say it would be best if you even gave your new wife a night or two off so she can let the emotional and physical weariness of the wedding wash off of her as it is replaced with the details of the new marriage. Get to know your wife emotionally before making physical contact. Then that first encounter will be a night to remember.

And after that first encounter, you will need to hold your wife and cuddle with her. Hopefully you have been able to go somewhere that is quiet, no T.V., no phone and a nice fireplace with a big old soft bear rug…

The First Marriage:

The first marriage was divine. There were no dishes or clothes to wash for they ran around without clothes and china had yet to be invented.

There was no food to prepare--it was already prepared--just needed to be picked. No children, no in-laws, no PTA meetings, no sports activities. There were none of the things that we have today that rob a man and wife of being together. There was no money--no need for it so no fighting over money. It was just heavenly.

I imagine Adam and Eve running through fields of flowers, naked, without any concern at all. And I am sure that back then just as today, Adam had only one thing on his mind.

The advice below is the ending of this sample Christian wedding sermon. Please use it to wrap up the message above.

We suggest that you print this portion of the sample Christian wedding sermon in your wedding program so that it can of help to all of your guests and so you will have it in your wedding scrapbook to refer back to when the going gets a little rough....Best wishes for your new life together!

The First Advice

Men, let me leave you with the following:

1. The wife is always right.

2. Prepare to go shopping even if you do not like shopping.

3. Refer back to one and two.

Women, let me leave you with the following:

1. Never refuse your husband.

2. Always speak kindly to him as an equal and not as a mother.

3. Refer back to numbers one and two above.

If you will follow these simply rules, you will have a marriage made in Heaven.

The above sample Christian wedding sermon is just an example and may not be right for your wedding. My husband is straightforward and real, so if you do not like his style for a Christian wedding sermon, that is fine.

Reader Comments

Jesus Turned The Water Into Wine

by William Gadzegba
(Accra, Ghana)

The Marriage feast at Canaan that Jesus turn water into wine.

Yes, the marriage feast where Jesus turned the water into wine would be a good sermon idea for a wedding. How about turning it into one for us? Thank you.

Joke For A Wedding Sermon

by Lynn

There is nothing wrong with starting out with a joke for a wedding sermon. Some ultra-conservative Christians, usually 60+ in age, mostly Nazarene, Baptist, Pentecostal, and other mainline denominational members will have a problem with any kind of joke, even the cleanest ones as a part of a wedding ceremony. Too bad for them. It is not their wedding; it is your wedding and if you want some fun and laughter, you can have it!

A wedding is a great time to have a sense of humor. After all of the months of hard work and wedding planning, this day is supposed to be totally enjoyable and fun. Your wedding is supposed to be a time of joy. Of course, it is a solemn occasion, but it is also a celebration and I am sure that Jesus laughed and had a lot of fun while he was on earth. It is fine for your pastor to start out with a clean joke. This is an icebreaker and can quickly get someone's attention prior to the sermon. It keeps things active and alive. A clean joke for a wedding sermon starter is appropriate and in good taste, no matter how many "joy-killers" tell you it is not. As a pastor's wife, I have been told many things by ritualistic and totally unhappy people who think the Christian life is horribly boring, always serious, and totally miserable. This is far from the truth. Do not listen to these people who want everyone to be just as miserable as they are.
Note from Juanita:

You are very right. As a pastor's wife, I, too, have experienced many joy killers in church. Jesus laughed while he lived here on earth. He was not an old sourpuss like so many of the old women and men in our former congregations. Lighten up, folks. Life is what you make it. So quit making it horrible and miserable. Laugh. Clean jokes are fun. If you want to be miserable, stay at home where it does not rub off on others who want to be happy!


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