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Simple Christmas Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

Updated on March 21, 2011

When planning your Christmas wedding you need to plan for Christmas related decorations for everything! The reception is a big place to decorate, and a Christmas wedding centerpiece for each table is probably on the top of the list. When planning for your Christmas wedding centerpiece you'll realize there is a lot of great stuff that you can do, the hard part is picking just one centerpiece idea!

Centerpieces on tables really liven up a room and set the theme and tone of the reception. A Christmas wedding centerpiece is no exception. You can't let your guests forget that this is a Christmas wedding, so choose something that is beautiful but in the spirit of Christmas.

A classic idea is to buy miniature Christmas trees about two feet high and decorate them with little mini ornaments that match your wedding colors. These trees often come lighted, but the unlit versions might work better since you probably don't want to have to run a power cord over the edge of the table. Guests will appreciate the little trees and the time you took to really pull the Christmas theme together.

Another great Christmas wedding centerpiece is candles! During the holiday season you can buy nicely decorated candles with Christmas themes on them just about anywhere. If you simply place two or three candles in the middle of a table and then carefully wrap them with holly, you'll have a Christmas centerpiece that is simple, yet lovely.

Another great Christmas wedding centerpiece idea is to wrap your favors like presents and then bunch them in the middle of the table. Your favors will double as a unique gift-wrapped centerpiece. This centerpiece will also have your guests wondering what's in the boxes all night long!

If you don't mind spending a bit more money, little Santa or Frosty figurines would also be great in the middle of each table. You could decorate the base of it with a few holly leaves, and that is it! The figurines may run you a bit more than most centerpieces, but it's simple and can be done quickly.

A poinsettia in the center of each table would be a great Christmas wedding centerpiece, too! Or, a few smaller poinsettias bunched together would look great too. If you have big enough tables and small enough poinsettias you could give these away as favors, too! It's always great when you can get your centerpieces to double as favors so you don't end up with a ton of stuff you can't use again.

These are just some very simple ideas for a Christmas wedding centerpiece. You can mix and match these ideas, or give them a decorative spin of your own. As you can see, a simple Christmas decoration can easily be turned into a beautiful centerpiece. Use your imagination and you are sure to come up with some wonderful ideas of your own. It is your wedding, whatever you can envision you can do!


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