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Childbirth - Labor - The Marvelous Magic of a Father's Experience in the Delivery Room

Updated on February 25, 2020
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Christofer spent 10 years in family counseling. Later he obtained a Psy. D.. His focuses: Health, History, Astrology, Politics and Fables

In a World of Many Other Worlds, There is the Very Small Complex World of Human Childbirth

Childbirth - Labor - Delivery and the Marvelous Magic of a Father's Experience

Being Pushed Out of the Hut


The Angry Eye

The Vernix

Being Invited Back into The Hut

The Episiotomy

Delivering the Human Cranium

For Following Function

Childbirth - Labor - Delivery and the Marvelous Magic

"Literally, the chord was tough. Maybe my scissors were dull. But let me tell you the afterbirth is something else! No one told me how durable the chord was going to be. But I knew so little in 1972 when I performed an emergency delivery. Time, experience, reading and instruction would all educate me about the magic of Childbirth.

That personal story grew into 2 more stories of childbirth in which I "delivered" services. This inspired even deeper study about this most awesome of topics.

Being "Pushed Out of the Hut"

In the world of "used to be", the male is pushed out of the hut by a group of wives and mothers along with older cognoscenti females of the village

The man, all nerves, is happy to be shown the campfire so he can drink grog with the boys. Movie scenes for decades display a slammed door, a huffy nurse, a steaming pot of hot water and the rest of the male band being pushed stage left. THAT SCENE IS AS OLD AS MOVIES THEMSELVES.


the movement toward the involvement of the Husband in the childbirth delivery process is a wonderful societal and social development.

Labor - Powerful Pushing and Deep Quietude, Then Repetition

Of course, TV and the Movies have shown the audience what may be two minutes or less of "pushing". However, actual labor activity can happen in minutes, or hours, or longer.

The push seems to be done with a MIGHT that seems powered by a nuclear core. The muscles on her shoulders stand up like cords of steel. Veins pop out everywhere and her eyes are flushed with pressure. You stop yourself and blankly look at a magnificent physical effort. And then the effort subsides and quietness and slow breathing ensues.

The "Angry Eye" and the Vernix

Sometimes the effort and exhaustion lead to a "lack of appreciation" for the male act and how it was the result of this state. Sometimes it results in being excoriated; but that, I feel is an exception.This can manifest as an angry eye and an epithet; whether the father is in the room or not.

What husbands also observe is the "white stuff" - nature's waterproofing - VERNIX and downy hair.. It is surprising, but not shocking.

Cutting the Cord, Afterbirth and Episiotomy.

The Umbilicus seems like it is made of high tech rubber. It is not a "cord", like yarn you might scissors through. This stuff is downright stiff and hard. The word I think of is CABLE. And when you go to cut the cord, it feels like you are cutting cable. Tending to the afterbirth and an episiotomy, are matters for medical staff and fathers should be instructed.

With C-Sections becoming more common and powerful drugs becoming more commonplace, the world of child bearing is changing as the years progress. The extreme outlier cases do not tend to be there. But the husband-coached delivery is now quite common.

Dad Pushed Back Into the Hut

Here's to Dads who were invited back into the hut. Most of all here's to those wonderful heroic Mothers, who in the midst of labor look physically for moments like the robust powerful determined creatures that they really are.

Recent Multiple Coached Delivery - Recently one of my grandchildren was born into an "It Takes A Village" kind of delivery. These days deliveries can be loving group family experiences, depending of course on the MD, the Hospital and the oversight of the Professional Staff.

The BIRTHING ROOM in Hospitals. New souls can now, with the advent of rooms designed with "customer friendly" furnishings and homey additions. Babies and family can enter into the world in a joyful, happy, clean and accepting world. At the core of this experience is the new happy father, who is now an integral part of the birthing process.

Delivering the Homo Sapien's Head - A commentator on a program on the nature of homo sapiens said that if the human baby's head were any larger, and women hips had to accommodate that larger head, the woman could not walk, and thus the race could not survive. In other words, the large brain that women deliver is as large as it can possibly be. And still the human child has to go through an extended developmental period so that the brain can absorb, develop, learn and progress through all of its developmental phases before it reaches adulthood.

As I have participated in my small way in three real deliveries, I saw in real life what it takes to deliver the human head and get individuals into VIABILITY. What women do in the act of delivery with their already elegantly designed HIPS is a true testimony to the magnificence of creation and its FORM FOLLOWING FUNCTION ACTIVITY.

Babies Begin With Romantic Love Songs and Start Out with Glorious Deliveries


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