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Church wedding in Sri Lanka

Updated on July 3, 2017
church wedding
church wedding

Things to consider when organizing a church wedding

Compared to traditional Kandyan weddings and Buddhist weddings church wedding are a simple affair, having said that there are few things you should consider when organizing a church wedding. Usually the wedding mass is organized by the brides side, but there can be exceptions to this, especially in the case of mixed religion weddings. In this article I will discuss some important things for you to consider when organizing a wedding mass. You will learn about finding a choir, when it is necessary to hire a choir. selecting hymns for the occasion and different stages you will need hymns, about flower arrangements and decorating the church

Finding the choir

After you inform the church about your wedding mass the priest will usually take care of informing the choir and organizing the choir. But if you are planning a grand wedding mass then you might consider hiring a choir to sing in the mass. The price range varies depending on the choir you choose but in Sri Lanka you can find a good one around 10k-20k Rupees. Hiring choir is especially important if you are conducting the mass in English. With the mother tongue being Sinhala you will find that only few people bother to sing the hymns. So hiring a choir becomes important here.

Whether you hire a choir or use the choir provided by the church there are few things you should do as a courtesy. Usually you should give some wedding cakes or at least some refreshments to them and if your using the church choir it is not unusual to give some money to them as well.

Selecting hymns and preparing hymn sheets

Singing is twice praying, and it is no secret that a successful and a beautiful mass requires good hymns. There are specific hymns for wedding masses and you should spend some time selecting the ones best suited to your occasion. Usually you will required hymns for the following occasions

  • Processional - This is where the bride and the wedding party enters the church. You may want to play some appropriate songs as a prelude to entertain the guest who are already seated.
  • After exchanging vows - Another occasion well suited to add a hymn
  • Presentation of gifts - Most wedding masses have a procession to present gifts and there are many appropriate ones to suit this
  • Holy communion - There are many Catholic hymns for this and you might want to have two or three ready if your guest list is long
  • A songĀ  for parent - Some catholic weddings add a hymn dedicated to the parents and you might want to add one to show your appreciation
  • Recession - Some joyful hymn is best suited for this

After selecting hymns for these occasion check if the church hymn books have these if not you might want to prepare a hymn sheet yourself.

Decorating the church

There are plenty of florists who will do the church decoration for you so this is not a big issue, only thing you have to worry about is the cost. Churches are usually very clean and serene looking so you don't have to do much to make it beautiful. Decorating is much easier if you have a relatively small church but a large church can also be decorated with a low amount of flowers etc. A wedding planner or a florist is very handy here so make sure to use there experience in preparing these things.

Know or more thing to consider in a catholic wedding ? Share in the comments section

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      Neville Frenando 5 years ago

      Dont`sell religious songs ---please give it to the world

      freely as it is the policy of Jesus who wants to reveal his

      Love to the world