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Fun Trendy and Modern Wedding Invitations Bridal Print and Animal Save The Date Magnets How to Make RSVP With Email

Updated on December 18, 2012

Your Wedding Day

Well, here you are, looking at wedding invitations. You've got your guest list or have at least begun to gather the names and are about to choose the right theme of invitation.

There is often a conflict of what you like and what is proper for your wedding. If it's a formal wedding, formal invites are the obvious answer. However, if you find invites that are bold in color, have a crazy font and leopard print and you love them? What the heck, right? It's your wedding -your choice. Um, you may want to rethink that answer.

Your invite sets the theme of your wedding. If you send leopard print invites and you are having a formal wedding, your guests may show up dressed and expecting something entirely different. So, for your own sanity and to keep your guests in sync with the wedding, try to keep the invitations as close to the wedding as possible.

Save The Date Magnets

Postcard Invites

Fun and Modern Day Wedding

Weddings these days have changed. Many brides prefer to wear bold colors rather than the traditional white gown. The groom is throwing out the tuxedo "monkey suit" to a less constrictive outfit such as slacks and an open dress shirt.

Fortunately, there are invites that match the theme of modern. To send invitations for a modern wedding, start with the colors.

  • Match the color of the invites either the color of her dress or the color of the bouquet. Using the color of one of these two, tie in your wedding to the invite. Making a flow starting just with the invitation.
  • Use a modern font in your invitation. This again will tie in the theme of the wedding and make your invites look and feel more modern.
  • "Save the date" magnets are very trendy.By purchasing magnets announcing your special day and including them into your invitations, this is an easy and modern way to remind your guests to save the date and leaves them a special memorabilia of your day.
  • Inserting a photo of the soon-to-be bride and groom "acting silly" or "out on the town" on the actual invite is a modern and fun way to incorporate your style into the invite.
  • Another very trendy and fun and modern way to notify your guests of that special day is a postcard. Yes, a postcard. This is an easy, inexpensive way to invite and what could be more modern?


Put a fun photo of you two on the front, or even a collage of things you've done over the range of your pre-wedding relationship.

On the back, give the announcement. Just as you would with a traditional wedding invite. Use your email as your RSVP.

Wedding Email Invitations

Okay, Mom and Dad may want the traditional wedding invite, but this is the overall most fun and modern way to announce your wedding yet! And talk about the ultimate of inexpensive ways!

Why email? Well, you can get just as crazy and personal as you want, plus, you can create an invite personalizing the guest.


I suggest of course using either publisher or even Word Processor. Although there are many programs to purchase that can personalize your page even more. But if you are on a budget, believe it or not, you can even make a beautiful announcement from Microsoft word!

  • Start in the middle of the page. Write the announcement using the font of your choice.
  • Choose your colors for background
  • Insert photos, clip-art and even music to your announcement
  • Of course when sending, use high priority and request the RSVP through email. Send this as you would paper invites, approx 6-8 weeks prior to the wedding.
  • Approximately 2-3 weeks before your wedding, send an email reminder of the big day. Something like, "Can't wait to spend our day with you" and send info again.

Email used to be thought of as impersonal, but with the ever changing times, it's not perceived as that today. Use your invites to connect with the receiver. You can always include photos of the guest with both of you and make a note of the happiness of having them in your life and relationship.

It's your day and you deserve to have it your way.

Although wedding planning is stressful, have fun with it!

Incorporate friends and family and make it a day you will remember!

Congratualtions and best of luck!


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