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Coffee Camp Wedding in the Bush

Updated on November 26, 2014


Do you enjoy being out in nature in all its moods, sharing campfire-cooked food and hot drinks with loved ones and singing songs around the fire? If this is you and you also want to have a small, inexpensive wedding then why not combine the two? Now you're probably thinking what if the guests are cold, how will I wear something beautiful without getting dirty, how will I stay warm enough myself? Those are the questions I hope to suggest answers for in this Hub, to make the idea of an all-seasons camp wedding more feasible and lots of fun. The one season I wouldn't recommend for this is the Australian Summer. You won't be able to have a fire, and that will take away a lot of the ideas this concept is based on. So, if you're in a place that gets very hot in the Summer or has fire bans, stick to Winter and Autumn for this.

In Summary

Food & Drink
Guest Activities
Ceremony Ideas
Lots of hot beverage options
Dress with sleeves or bolero/cardigan, tea length so your hem stays clean
Gather naturally pretty things from the location: Place cuttings from trees in jars with pebbles, etc
Campfire songs and games
Ceremonial lighting of the fire/candles
Jars of 'smores for the fire
Heated spiced apple juice, mead, mulled wine
A stylish coat
Make patterned circles of stones or pebbles around the ceremony location
Toasting food in fire
Making of a coffee or tea blend to represent combining the couple's strengths
Blankets to snuggle
Billy tea
Bring along some stones or seedpods painted in your wedding colours and surround the area
Photo fun with sparklers, torches and candles
Jars of your own tea, coffee or hot chocolate blend
Camp-fire cooked foods such as damper, baked potatoes, sweet corn, other coal-roasted vegies
Pretty shawls and knits
Have rugs and blankets in your wedding colours laid out in seating areas
Bring along a campfire story to tell
Their own camp mug, perhaps personalised with their name and filled with smores
A spicy and easy-to-keep cake
Tough but smart fabrics for mens' trousers
Bring extra rustic camp kettles, mugs etc to make little displays
Noughts and crosses or other board games with painted stones and lines drawn in the earth
A special ceremonial fire-starter to add to the fire and make a wish
All the layers of waistcoats, jumpers and overcoats
String photos of the couple and coloured ribbons or bunting in surrounding trees
Treasure or scavenger hunt
Sparklers or candles to wave instead of throwing confetti or to use in photos

Food and Drink

Stay warm with lots of hot beverages: You could create a bar where guests can blend their own spices and flavours into hot chocolate or coffee, spiced apple juice, mead or mulled wine. You'll need plenty of pots that can hang over the fire to heat liquid in, and access to a back-up electric kettle wouldn't hurt, but you don't want to spoil the setting by having too many facilities close by. Perhaps a set of thermoses to put heated drinks into to keep them warm.

Have plenty of foods that guests can toast or cook themselves in the fire; bread for making simple toast, plenty of toasting forks, some spreads, vegetables and foil to wrap them in to roast them in the coals. A couple of camp ovens can make doing large batches of roasted vegetables and camp breads such as damper easier. A couple of cast iron frying pans will allow cooking of eggs, bacon, pancakes and more. It's surprising the number of foods that you can cook in the fire more easily than you would expect (see link below picture on right). Bring along some sweet treats for afterwards, including a simple cake (something spicy will help with warmth) that keeps well.

Give your guests some sweet treats to toast in the fire as part or all of favours, so they have their own collection, or create a little bar with a variety of marshmallows etc to choose from. Bake damper bread and break it up between you; this can be symbolic of sharing and coming together.



How will you look your best and still be warm enough? Well there are lots of beautiful distinctive touches which you can add to your outfit to help you stay warm. Knits and shawls for the ladies in your wedding colours, colourful scarves for the men. Wear tea length dresses with pretty boots hiding woolly socks and stockings, and layers of waistcoats, neat jumpers and stylish coats. Everyone can have stylish coats and hats, and even beautiful gloves. There is such a thing as a wedding dress with sleeves too, or you could have a special bolero or shrug in a pretty colour that covers your arms while you dress is still in the style you prefer. The key is to have trousers in fabrics that are strong and durable and will not stain or tear when you sit on logs around the fire or move through the bush, and for the ladies' coats to be long and useable for sitting on so that the clothes you are wearing underneath remain protected. Remember that although it is traditional in many societies the bride does not have to wear white; perhaps you have another favourite, bold colour which will survive sitting by a fire in the bush a little better.



Remember that your natural surroundings and the bright flames of your fire are already beautiful, so you will not need too much in the way of decoration. However, you might like to include some small touches to mark the area where you plan to have your ceremony or make the circle where your fire is lit stand out a little from the surrounding bush. There are a number of ways you might like to do this:

  1. You could collect items from the surrounding area before the ceremony and use natural materials, for example, collecting rocks and pebbles and making a circle/pattern around the fire area, that marks out where your guests should stand in a semi-circle during the ceremony, and surrounds the fire afterwards. Depending on the type of plants and whether picking some is allowed, you could fill jars and even your own bouquets with strands of eucalyptus, wattle, and other pretty native foliage and flowers.
  2. You could collect some natural materials prior to the day and add a little something to them. For example, take rocks and pebbles home and paint them in your wedding colours (children in the family might like to help with this) or bundle branches of pretty foliage with coloured ribbons
  3. You could bring in items in your wedding colours such as bunting flags, ribbons, strips of fabric or paper garlands, and hang them from the surrounding trees, as well as hanging them on displays of camping items such as camp kettles, mugs, and billies. You could also make strings of photographs of the couple, or bring framed photographs to hang in the trees. Another item you can bring in that can highlight your wedding colours and also be of help with the weather is umbrellas. A collection in your wedding colours can be placed in stands around the location and look exciting, or even be opened and hung in the trees above, protecting your location a bit and creating a colourful 'ceiling' over your wedding area. Picnic rugs or blankets to help guests keep warm can also be deliberately chosen in the colours you want and laid over the logs or chairs guests will sit on to create an area of colour.


Guest Activities

The fire will promote a lot of interaction and fun among your guests as they cook or toast food and pictures are taken. However you can encourage more fun around the fire by asking musical friends to bring their instruments and having some lyrics laid out for sing-alongs. You could also ask your guests to prepare by finding or practising a story to tell around the fire, and have a set of campfire games or drinking games planned that your guests can join in with. Sparklers handed out along with favours will allow your guests to get some great photos and for you to be surrounded by light instead of covered in confetti at the end of your ceremony.

Before dark you might also like to set up some simple board games using painted stones and have some clues and small sweet treats or other prizes for a treasure hunt or scavenger hunt. Simple hide and seek games or team hiding games will also work well in the bush.

Ceremony Ideas

Involve the fire-lighting in your ceremony and have guests all light an area of the fire by passing around a burning branch or lighting one another's. You could keep a fire or coffee theme in your ceremony by using readings about providing warmth and shelter to one another or having your ring bearer carry the rings in a box of coffee beans, tea leaves or smores. Have your guests light sparklers or candles at the end to surround you with light rather than throwing things. You and your partner could each bring a favourite type of coffee or tea and the two of you could create your own blend as part of the ceremony, symbolising the blending of the best of each of you.


Favours for Guests

Give your guests something they can use on the night. They could be:

  • Something to light and contribute to the atmosphere on the night, such as candles, sparklers or fire starters to add to the fire
  • A box of smores or other items for toasting/cooking in the fire after the ceremony
  • Their own camp item to help them make camp food such as a camp mug with their name on it; these could be filled with smores or other sweet treats
  • Something to keep them warm such as a blanket in your wedding colours or embroidered with your wedding date, or a picnic rug to sit on
  • A sample jar of your personal blend of coffee, tea or hot chocolate, or spices and flavours for them to choose from to add to their own hot drinks
  • Give them a jar and a bar of different coffees, teas, hot chocolates, flavours and smores, and let them make their own blend or fill up with what they would like to take

Will it work?

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