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Living Together Arrangement, Life Partner Agreement: Cohabitation Relationships

Updated on May 19, 2016

Cohabitation Agreement

Marriage vs Cohabitation Explained

American Couples who decide to live together

When your relationship makes the transition from being friends and lovers to being more serious and you both decide to try living together then it might be worth considering to take out a legal agreement.

But why bother?, most especially when the relationsip is still flowering and progressing well.

Well lets consider a few senarios and reasons that might support the notion of formalizing a living together situation. But before doing so its worth realising that Cohabitation, Prenuptial and Post-nuptial agreements are all about preparation for if the bond of a loving and caring relationship stops working in an unretrivable way to protect: Property, Investments and most importantly Children.

U.S. Living Together Agreements, (Cohabitation or Cohab Agreements), are documents for responsible Non-Married couples who want a legal agreement that provides a plan for sharing responsibility for living expenses and property during the life-time of their relationship.

The most popular features of a Cohabitation Agreement that requires legal documentation are:

Sharing Living Expenses, Division of Jointly Owned Property. Retention of Property, Pension Provision.

Also consider: Last Will & Testament, Child Custody, Childs Travel Consent, Living Wills & Prenuptial Agreements.

The Last Will, Living Will and Prenuptial Agreement are suggested if property gained prior to the relationship needs to be protected in the event of death or becoming incapacitated.

The Child Custody Agreement Protects a specific person with a Caregivers Afidavit to have full responsibility for the childs welfare which includes medical treatment and education

What does a Cohabitation Agreement Package contain

Intended for use by non-married couples who are living together:

To provide a plan for the sharing of living expenses during the course of the relationship

To provide a plan for the division of joint property upon termination of the relationship

To provide a plan for the retention of separate property acquired prior to, and after, the execution of an agreement.

Some Suppliers provide additional forms to complement the Co-hab Agreement:

1. Prenuptial Agreement

2. Prenuptial Agreement - Alternate Form


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