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Color Coordinating Your Wedding

Updated on May 6, 2013

Organizing a wedding can be a very complex affair; especially if you are having a big event with all the traditions and multiple venues; tying together the church and the reception décor is often a bit of a headache. Flowers are a good way to bring all the colors together. You may choose a color scheme that is based all around different shades of the same color, or go for a couple of contrasting colors such as red and white, or blue and yellow. If you are a fan of bright colors you could go for a whole range of hot house flowers in bright reds, oranges, purples and yellows; this can look very striking especially if you can dress the bridesmaids each in a different color that matches the flowers.

Go with the season

If you are having a spring wedding it will be cheaper, easier and more environmentally friendly to use spring flowers so try and pick a color scheme that takes this into account such as pinks and yellows with whites or blues. Autumn lends itself to rich chocolates and oranges that are complemented by the leaves outside if you are in more northerly regions of the country. Wintery weddings look great with a white, green and deep red color scheme to reflect the festive styles of decorations and the snow outside. Of course of you live in a region that doesn’t really change that much with the seasons you can choose any colors, any time; you may like to use local flowers or the flowers and plants associated with your state.

Go with your taste

If you want to have a really bright color for your wedding, then consider matching it with another shade in the same range; hot pink flowers look great in a bouquet, but if you then have them on every table, in the church and also match the linens and other décor in the same color it may give your guests a headache; temper the bright color with some pale pinks or purples to calm the color scheme down a little. At the other end of the scale white symbolizes purity and is a perfect wedding color but if you have just white alone your flowers will fade into the white table clothes and dresses; add at least a little splash of something else to brighten things up and create contrast.

Check on the symbolism

Traditionally flowers have meanings, as well as being associated with different states, birth months and a range of other things. It can be a romantic idea to mix and match the flowers from the states or birth months of the bride and groom, or choose ones that symbolize love and passion such as red roses. Even though you may not place much importance on the meanings it is far nicer to start your marriage surrounded by holly and ivy which mean domestic happiness and fidelity, than lavender and heather which symbolize distrust and solitude. There are many interpretations of meanings of flowers depending on the source that you choose, so do not worry too much about the symbolism, it is just an idea to consider if you are having trouble narrowing the options.

The color scheme of your wedding is really all a matter of choice; the main things that carry the colors are the flowers and the bridesmaids so bear this in mind when choosing them. You can also run the theme through the decorations and table settings, which creates a nice linked feeling; especially if you have the same flowers in the church, bouquets and in the table settings.


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