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Colors for a Wedding Bouquet

Updated on May 1, 2015

Having the right colors in your wedding bouquet is important to bring the whole look of the wedding together. Whether you are making your own bouquets or having the bouquets professionally made you will want them to accent the style and colors of your wedding. The options for fresh and artificial flower bouquets is endless with all of the options of colors available today.

Matching the Wedding Colors

Most brides choose their bridal bouquets in accordance to the wedding colors. First choosing either their favorite color or colors that match the season that they are getting married in. For example a bride that is having a winter wedding may choose red and green as her wedding colors and use poinsettias, red roses and greenery in their bridal bouquets.

Colors of a Favorite Flower

Some brides have a favorite flower that they choose their wedding colors from. If the bride's favorite flowers are purple hydrangeas she will choose that purple as her wedding color and use hydrangeas in her wedding flowers and bridal bouquet. If the bride is using this method the flowers will need to be in season and readily available or opt for the use of artificial flowers.

Combining Flower Colors

A lot of brides choose two or more wedding colors to use when choosing attendant dresses and bridal bouquets. Colors should compliment each other in the bouquets. Adding accent colors, greenery along with other accents like glass bulbs, beaded and feathered pieces adds to the look of the bridal bouquets.

Creating Custom Flower Colors

Some wedding colors are shades that are not found in fresh or artificial flowers. Using airbrushing techniques most any white flower can be transformed to a custom color. Adding an accent color to an already colored flower is also an option. For example you can add pink tips to a red rose using an airbrush. Glitter and small gems and crystals can also be added to create a custom look to the bridal bouquet flowers.


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