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Break up of Relation ? How to start NEW life.

Updated on January 16, 2016

Tricks to come out from depression after Break of Relations

Relations are very complicated issues in a human life. Human forms many relations and ends up also throughout his life span. But to get rid of from depression and anxiety after break up of relation is very difficult. Our friend and relatives suggest us to forget all things and start a new chapter , we also want to go ahead in life but Is it easy as it sounds ?

No, It is hard to come out from depression after break up of any relation.

Here we will tell you how you can easily help you or your any friend to build up your emotions back to start a new life. In the Psychology, there are many defense machenism that deals with anxiety and depression, here we will teach you to deal with your Anxiety in simple way.

1. Forgive your Friend

We usually feel anxious when we are upset with some one that how he did it to me. Have a big Heart and forgive him as it will feel you good. For forgiving him ,think about the good things he/she did to you in past experiences. Believe us, when you will forgive him and go to him without any problem then you will really feel relaxed

2. Give positive opinions to yourself behind what wrong happened to you.

We cannot change whatever has happened so don’t let your mind think Negative about situation what you faced as it could push you in intense depression. Give positive reasons behind the situation. For example, Your girlfriend or boyfriend left you for another one then give logic to your mind that he/she does not deserve you.

3. Don’t let yourself be alone

Anxious feeling mostly occurs in the mind when we are alone. So don’t give these feeling any chance to come in your mind. Be in group with your friends and relatives but remember don’t stay alone anywhere.

4. Divert your mind towards your Hobbies

Now change your focus from your broken relationship to your interesting hobbies like dancing ,singing or camping etc. You can join any hobby club or any activity classes. And you can divert your focus to social works also and it will make you feel good.

5. Weeping

Weeping is the best defense machenism used by mind as weeping don’t let the anxiety suppress in unconscious mind. Do you know in India there are a special type of group of women called RUDALI ( meaning: Weeping women) Who are called when somebody dies in the home and the work of these Rudalis is to create a atmosphere of crying so that other member of family also begin to weep and they will not go in depression.

6.Make yourself busy

It is a best trick to deal with anxiety because when your mind will be busy in other work then your mind will not think about the past experiences much. And after passing some time , you will be able to live your life back happily. you can join any job or you can give hand to your mother in her house works

7. Motivate yourself towards your life Goals

Motivation is the major factor in shaping human behavior. Motivate yourself towards your life goals or what you want to become in future like doctor, teacher, painter or writer and work hard toward that field.

8.Talk to your friend or your parents about this and express feelings of your Heart.

We much feel anxiety when there is no one to support us. In this situation we want someone to whom we can share our opinion, aggression and feeling. So discuss about the situation with your close friend , relative or parents and feel light hearted.

These suggestions are evolved from Psychology and it will help you live long and happy. All the best !


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