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Commercial Life of today's Hue-man species

Updated on July 17, 2012
My life is empty without my parents!!!!!
My life is empty without my parents!!!!!
Mom.... you are THE best...!!!
Mom.... you are THE best...!!!
I Love you mom Dad,,,,,, Thank you for giving me such a wonderful life...
I Love you mom Dad,,,,,, Thank you for giving me such a wonderful life...

Why "hue-man"? Hue means the color.... Color of human in today's generation... Hence the title..!!!

"Hey you old man, can't you cross the road soon?" - A car owner shouting on a poor aged passer by... How mean and insane!!!

This is how today's generation respect their elders.Are you one among these youngsters?

This hub is not to hurt anyone's feelings, its just to remind our responsibilities. Just to find some questions such as Why is this young generation turned out so rude to us(elders)? Why our elders are sick and tired of such an awkward behavior of current generation? Why this drastic change took over our future citizens? Yeah !!! why?? Lets think! think ! and think!!!

"A father is a fellow who has replaced the currency in his wallet with the snapshots of his kids" - said by the great legend William Shakespeare. My father too did it... I guess it happens to be truth with every father..!!!!

Well, now-a-days we are getting to see so many old age homes.I personally still wonder why they are needed?Has everyone lost their common sense,at least to take care of their own parents? what a disgusting scenario!!

Just turn back the pages of your own life, recall how your parents were rushing towards the best school for your nursery schooling despite having so many problems of their livelihood. Were they mad to make us learn A B C D? No, they were satisfied & happy because they were fulfilling the responsibilities of their parenthood with love and care..!! Our parents brought us up with such an intention that we would become a good citizen, a best son and a backbone to them during their old-age.But what are we now? What are we looking for? Building an old age home... making our parents homeless.. Is'nt it shameful on our path?

We all do not belong to any billionaire families to own a luxurious residence or life style. When our parents were in our age i.e. in their 20's they would earn themselves to survive and also to look after their family, but in this fashion engrossed era we being in an adult age we still depend on our parents money to buy a chocolate worth re. 1. What I meant so say is, everyone want parents money,funds , insurance etc.. but not parents,parent's happiness.. So embarrassing..!!Every son comes in front to claim property of his parents but remains behind when he get to know that his parents are ill or when his parents need any kind of help. Come on you literally educated illiterates, just think! we are engineers,doctors, teachers just because of our parents.Just because they saved each penny for our better future.What would happen if they had not bothered, had no concern about our future? We would be on roads and footpaths for our daily bread which we are eating now happily.At this moment we are leading a cheerful life just because of our parents struggle,who ought to lead a crucial life just to bring smile on their children's face,who survived only on water for many days and nights to feed us for full appetite.... Why such humble people,such kind personalities of our life are made homeless?Just to save money which we are earning on our now?or to lead a luxurious life? or you yourself feel ashamed of making your parents to live with you?

By writing these thoughts i came to know that we cannot reach its end.We cannot answer to current society of elders.

And i could not stop myself praising or describing the personal oh sorry "personalized" life of our elders.They personalized their lives as per our requirements. They did it by leading and mending their wholehearted soul to bring us up.

By now,you all must have realized about current youngsters life style. Do you still wish to dis-respect elders? Yes or no, left to you people. But its my humble request, be educated, have broader views and broad mind. Don't let your parents wishes down. And don't make them feel ashamed of their respectable parenthood. Have your own aims and goals but your first and foremost aim must be to become a better son/daughter to your parents ( not just to write in others slam book in the field named "your aim", instead bring that aim in practice).Be grateful to them for their sacrifice. Love them. Respect them. Adore them and thank them. They are the only fellows who will uplift you till your end in every moment.

Lastly i would like to say LOVE YOU MY MOM DAD.. Thanks a ton for giving me such a wonderful life..!!!

-regards Khushi


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    • mykhushi profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Karnataka

      mecheshier : Thanks a ton for accepting my views... And yeah why we lost d respect towards our family i still wonder.... So thought of exploring throughout....

    • mecheshier profile image


      6 years ago

      So well said mykhushi. It saddens me that we have lost so many family values. Taking care of our family should be a priority because we care and it should never be about money. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful Hub. Voted up for beautiful and useful.

    • mykhushi profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Karnataka

      Thank you for your kind words :)

      Yeah indeed parents are priceless gems which we hav got as gift from the god...

    • iharshita profile image


      6 years ago from Karnataka, India

      Indeed an awesome hub!

      Voted up!!

      Parents are the best part of life. If they weren't there, then our life would have been like a useless journey! It's because of their effort and their endless sacrifices just to make children happy is just beyond words!

      Thank you so much for such a beautiful hub! :)


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