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Common Ground Where Human Beings Can Agree For Once

Updated on May 16, 2012

Right people this is an experiment and I need to see if you are able to do this!

We are going to agree on something today, we are going to discuss something as "HUMAN BEINGS" and Citizens Of Planet Earth who live side by side.

Before we go into this hub I need you to follow my instructions below, this is vital and I need you to do this, we are going to succeed where governments and countries are failing so I ask you to follow my instructions below before you read and comment on this hub.

This is an experiment but I want you to treat it as if it were reality...


When You Have Followed The Instructions Click Yes

I Have Forgotten All You Have Asked

See results


When you read this hub, I want you to forget some things and answer honestly in the comments box below..

I want you to forget -

1 - Outside influences that tell you how you should feel and what you should say.

- Bible, Torah, Talmud , Koran or any other religious influence.

- Media - everything including newspapers, news, magazines, tv etc

- Friends & Acquaintances

- Facebook or any other media thing.

- Political Views.

2 - I want you to forget Colour.

- Black

- White

- Yellow

- Brown

- Pink

- Purple

3 - I want you to forget sexual orientation

- Gay

- Straight

- Bisexual

- Transsexual

- Polysexual

- Pansexual

4 - I want you to forget Gender

- Male

- Female

5 - I want you to forget Race

- British

- American

- Asian

- African

- Chinese

- Japanese

- Indian

- Korean

- European

- All Races !!

I want you to forget anything that may separate us, even culture and countries everything...

I ask you to forget all of these labels and influences etc for a moment, so any thing that society has influenced that may segregate us you must ignore and forget..

I ask you to hit the yes button on the poll here once you have literally forgotten everything I have asked you to forget in your head, then your ready to move on. Don't hit the No button just try again and blank your mind then from the beginning follow the instructions again, trust me you can do it!

Now lets move on!


If you have forgotten all influence and everything I asked you to forget, you are now a 'FREE HUMAN BEING', your now out of society's control and you are now able to read this hub and answer truthfully from your heart.

This is the only way that we can possibly agree on a topic that all of us are bored, sick and tired of arguing over.

There are no labels here, there is no religious influence, no malice, no segregation, no media propaganda, and no pressure on you.

Keep that in mind as we move on.


In the forums, media and everything else we have Marriage, Lifestyle & Love and many more things discussed constantly but its always hyped in to the negative through propaganda.

Now as 'HUMAN BEINGS' with no influence I want you to answer these questions below truthfully, remember you have forgotten all influence so there is to be no religious quotations, or any other quotations from media or anything else because your not answering for yourself, your finding answer to hide what you feel inside. Its what you feel inside I need you to answer, I am begging you all to do this, dont be afraid to release it when you answer these questions.


Answer honestly and truthfully all these questions for me from your heart as a FREE HUMAN BEING, without prejudice, fear and/or religious/political affiliation or any other influence.

Don't Answer these questions if you have not followed the instructions above, go back and follow the instructions then Answer.

Question One - Celebrity Image, & Ideals rule our children and also adults forcing the and us to consider plastic surgery at young ages, as well as sexualiziation of children from a young age. Causing many other problems including Bullying, Depression to name a few and even suicides. Do you think that this should be stopped and the celebrity ideal and image removed and more prominent role models put in place?

Question Two - We live in a society that has got used to being told what to do by some one else and can not accept responsibility for our own actions, but we would rather allow some one else to take the blame! Hence the role of a Prime Minister, President and or Ruler.. Not a nice fact but if you chip away all this false hype of governments, that is the picture you are left with... a lack of responsibility and buck passing to avoid having to deal with a mess that no one wants to face, Do you agree or disagree and why?

Question Three - Heterosexual, Bisexual, Gay, Lesbian etc, Does it matter who we love and should we be told by others that our love for another is right or wrong?

Question Four - Do you think that we should be a UNITED PEOPLE and not a THEM & US SOCIETY?

Question Five - Has this experimental hub, helped you in any way?

Thank you for taking part in this experiment and I look forward to seeing your responses below please be mindful and answer truthfully, but not and I repeat not with any influence by others, this has to be solely you and individual..

If we can agree today on some ground here then we can show the rest of the world that it is possible to live side by side in society as HUMAN BEINGS together and not divided..

Thanks Again!


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    • GoldenBird profile image


      6 years ago

      Maybe we are well united. Perhaps it's just an illusion that makes us think we are divided. London is 12 hrs journey from here.

    • ShalahChayilJOY profile image

      Shalah Chayil 

      6 years ago from Billings, Montana

      This earth is going to return to its original pattern--the garden of Eden when the Messiah, Yeshua HaMashiach sets His feet on the Mount of Olives. Even now HE is preparing to raise up HIS government in all the earth. The earth shall be such a place as you describe for 1000 years! Then will come a test---the deceiver shall be loosed "again" to tempt and people will choose life or death and a great battle will take place. After a time----all will return to as it was in the garden and never again will sin enter the earth.

    • calpol25 profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Edinburgh, Scotland, UK (At Home With My Wonderful Partner)

      Thank you ShalahChayilJOY & nightsun for having a go at my test, it is an experiment, but am really glad to see both your comments as they raise a quite a few good points too..

      But I have to admit although this is fantasy, the experiment has actually worked because it is has brought you here and made you answer from within and show your true thoughts with out any influence...

      Thank you both so very much for doing this and I appreciate your comments :) x

    • ShalahChayilJOY profile image

      Shalah Chayil 

      6 years ago from Billings, Montana

      q1 Who pays attention to celebrity influence?

      q2 What does responsibility for one's own actions mean? if everyone does what is right in his own eyes, what do we really have? because most every one really does anyway

      q3 does it matter who we 'love?' Define love. Is it attraction? Is it desire? Is it looking for identity in another that accepts us? DEFINE love. WE can choose to control our own heart, and behavior---goes back to taking responsibility for ones self.

      q4 that is how it is in a very real place now

      q5 the experiment is an illusion in this time and space

    • nightsun profile image


      6 years ago from northern california

      I didn't punch Yes, but I believe in what I believe in and the chances of anyone changing my mind is mostly Zero..So, that being said here's my thoughts.


      2-yes-human nature,people might have to take a stand instead of being lambs

      3-no-you can't control your heart even if you try

      4- Sorry, I think this is a Fantasy. Nice, but fantasy


    • calpol25 profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Edinburgh, Scotland, UK (At Home With My Wonderful Partner)

      Thank you junko I am on my way to your hubs now, I look forward to commenting x :)

    • junko profile image


      6 years ago

      Iron sharpens iron young soldier. Pass my way and comment on some things I can't forget, it may help me as I you.

    • calpol25 profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Edinburgh, Scotland, UK (At Home With My Wonderful Partner)

      Thanks junko, at least you are honest and you can see my intentions are for good and not for bad. I do know that some people will not be able to answer this as its very complex to forget everything at once, but if you could answer the questions without forgetting do you think that the answer would be the same as it would if you forgot?

      Thanks again for commenting though :)

      This might sound strange but you have really helped me already with your comment in a good way. :)

    • junko profile image


      6 years ago

      I cannot honestly put myself in the frame of mind to be tested, I guess I've been living to long to remember infancy. I cannot forget my life, sorry it's all I know. I do understand your intentions though, and they are good.

    • calpol25 profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Edinburgh, Scotland, UK (At Home With My Wonderful Partner)

      This is true Ian, once people open up and speak as FREE HUMAN BEINGS then and only then can we achieve a future of understanding and acceptance for all..

    • alian346 profile image


      6 years ago from Edinburgh, Scotland

      Hypnotise people?????!

      As I see it you're trying to get people to be themselves honestly and openly deep within themselves.


    • calpol25 profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Edinburgh, Scotland, UK (At Home With My Wonderful Partner)

      Thank you Cardisa I do know your views as we share exactly the same ones :)

      Thank you for stopping by :) x

    • Cardisa profile image

      Carolee Samuda 

      6 years ago from Jamaica

      Calpol, I think you already know my views on this so I can only hope that others will be honest enough to say what they really feel.

    • calpol25 profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Edinburgh, Scotland, UK (At Home With My Wonderful Partner)

      Thank you for answering Ian, I love your responses they are fantastic and are truly from the heart with out prejudice, malice or anything you see it can be done.

      So far I have been accused of trying to hypnotize people, and to forget their ideals but honestly guys, I am not I am trying to encourage people to talk without influence from others thats all and to say what they really feel so we can agree on some ground.

    • alian346 profile image


      6 years ago from Edinburgh, Scotland

      This is a stunning Hub - heartfelt - you have my admiration.

      I don't think I have many external influences but there are of course subtle subconscious ones so I'll answer the questions as best I can.

      Q1 - All this stuff is dangerous - we must remove it and now - replace it with other role models? - now who decides what is a good role model? The best role models are people who are close to the person whether it be a friend, relative, educator, whatever.

      Q2 - IF we have countries, then we need a head of state to communicate with other states as our representative. Do we need states? Could we not function as one global community? - I believe we could eventually but it would take centuries and centuries. Adequate standards of living would have to be assured for all before this could happen. We do not need governments to interfere in our private affairs but need a system to protect the vulnerable and a beaurocracy to deal with the mundane things of life.

      Q3 - No and no.

      Q4 - I think I answered that in Q2. So yes!

      Q5 - It made me think as most of our conversations do, Callum!

      Again - awesome!!



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