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Common Turnoffs for Women

Updated on November 10, 2010

Let's face it: women and men are completely different when it comes to how we're wired. There are many things that women do that annoy men, and things that men do to annoy women. In some ways, that makes the opposite sex more attractive, but it can also be a turnoff. Together with other women who are dating or are married, I've come up with a list of turnoffs that hopefully will help men realize just why they often don't have dates or can't maintain a meaningful relationship. Granted, much of what is about to be revealed can be petty, and that there are many things that can be overlooked if you love someone enough. But at the same time, a person can only take so much before calling it quits. No one is perfect, and change is something that applies to both people in a relationship, rather than being the one partner having to alter everything about him or herself...yet here are some common issues that are cause for women to cringe when scoping out possible mates or when they are in a relationship:

  • Bragging. It's not that women don't acknowlege the need for a man to stroke his ego every once in a while, especially if he has accomplished something significant. But too much of anything is not good, bragging included. To a man, it might be considered a way to gain women's attention, but if it is constant, women will do the exact opposite and not take you seriously or tune you out.
  • Making fun of others. Not that women aren't guilty of casting a critical eye on others - especially women who seem to be more put-together than us - but women also don't appreciate it when men are cruel to each other and other women, ESPECIALLY other women. Sure, you may be joking, but women who hear you might think you are self-absorbed and insensitive, and may even wonder if you would be telling jokes or speaking badly about them behind their backs.
  • Bad hygiene. Is it wrong for women to want men who smell good and are properly groomed? If you care enough to take care of yourself and maintain proper manners and etiquette, you won't be disappointed. Women will be intrigued and will want to get a second look. But if you are dirty (both physically and in how you act or speak), women just won't be impressed. Even women who tend to be that way themselves for some reason or another will shy away from you.
  • Having several bad habits.  Beyond just hygiene issues, women don't think it's attractive for a man to not practice self-control in different areas of his life.  This can be with over-eating, excessive drinking or smoking, not being able to hold a job, or just about any vice out there that you can think of.  Believe me, for the sake of women everywhere, if you ever have had a woman complain about something you do, chances are you might want to reexamine why you do what you do.  If you could honestly turn it into something more constructive or positive, you will definitely be more interesting and appealing.
  • Not maintaining eye contact. Nothing drives a woman crazier than when she is having a conversation with a man who is not even looking at her! This might be because of watching tv, using the computer, or constantly having to answer the phone. Don't think for one minute that by answering her with a nod or a stray comment will appease her - she wants to know for sure that you acknowledge what she's saying.

The list could probably go on, but you will find that they will all fall into one of the above categories. From being loud, to withholding opinions, and forgetting to make a woman feel special and respected, the bottom line is that women need proof of your sex appeal if you ever hope to have a date or relationship. Sure, we could all talk less, not take as many things to heart, and be more adventurous at times, but I suppose that if that actually did happen, there would be less of a give-and-take in relationships, and what you first thought was an exciting prize will eventually become boring.


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