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Wedding Planning: Preparation & Activities

Updated on January 14, 2014

Planning Activities

Preparation and planning for a wedding can quickly become frustrating. Some couples may find themselves just ready to get the wedding behind, wishing they had eloped. Trying to keep things fun and interesting can be difficult to do.

Planning activities for the wedding party and guests is not required, why not be sure the guests have a good time by planning a few fun things into the event. Many activities can be done before or after the wedding.

The bride-to-be and her bridesmaids could enjoy some pampering and a relaxing with simple things like a group makeover or manicures. While the ladies are enjoying themselves, the guys could be a day of golf, tennis, or going to a ballgame. The groom-to-be can remove himself for a day from the planning and just relax with the boys. These things help the bride and groom to be and their families to relax before the big day.

Girls Spa Day
Girls Spa Day

Bachelor/bachelorette parties are a traditon for many weddings. For those old enough to be beyond this phase could opt for a party for everyone in the wedding party, as well as other close friends and relatives. For those not into the separate parties for the bride and groom, or the sometimes questionable activities that can follow them, plan a luau or cookout. This also gives both families a chance to get to know each other better.

The Reception Party

After the wedding it is time to move on to the reception and some post-wedding activities. Couples who have their weddings later in the day or evening, will sometimes an all night post-wedding reception. Planning a late night dance or other activity with family and friends is a nice way to show appreciation for their hard work and attendance.

Have a dance-a-thon or limbo contest if there is live music or a DJ. When festivities begin slowing down, make sure to have somewhere for any lingering guests to relax. Inside, a section of the room with bean bag chairs for the guests to relax on can be an easy choice. Outside, blankets or inflatable mattresses set up for relaxing and mingling is nice if weather conditions permit. Tiki torches can provide lighting and help keep bugs at bay.

Many things go into planning a wedding, so much that couples sometimes forget the most important planning.......The Honeymoon

Marriage Humor

The Honeymoon

Planning the perfect wedding takes time and patience causing many couples to get so wrapped up with wedding plans that they forget about planning ahead for the honeymoon. Once the wedding day pressure is over, the new couple needs time alone together, planning ahead for the honeymoon is very important to be sure that it goes without any problems.

When planning a budget for a honeymoon be sure to add in some extra spending money. Figure in all possible fees such as lodging, gas, and shopping for souvenirs. Planning a honeymoon destination well in advance and checking for any vacation package deals can help keep the cost reasoable for the newlyweds.

Any honeymoon destination should suit the interests of both the bride and the groom, and should be something memorable for the newlywed couple. Go alone. Do not make plans for other couples or family to be a part of the honeymoon, this time is for the new couple.

Travel Light

Since clothing is optional for much of your honeymoon, travel as lightly as possible. Carry a credit card for emergencies, and because many places only accept credit cards or cash. Once the ideal honeymoon destination has been chosen, and all travel plans complete, be sure to have all luggage packed and ready to go, this saves valuable time and the couple is not unprepared when it is time for departure.

Finding a place of interest for both the bride and groom that is affordable, yet memorable is not as easy as it sounds. Finding somewhere that is all of these thing, plus being romantic are listed below.

Hawaii or the Bahamas are popular choices for beach lovers. Hawaii has many interesting and scenic islands to explore. The Bahamas are beautiful with crystal clear blue water and great coral reefs. Both regions offer great scenic dives for the scuba diving enthusiasts.

For somewhere are a little more exotic, yet fun if finacially you could plan a Honeymoon places such as Ireland or Italy are a little more exotic, yet nice if funds allow for this type of adventure. Mexico is a fun place to spend a honeymoon with endless shopping opportunities as well as the beautiful landscape and scenery.

Decide on appropriate accomodations once a honeymoon destination has been chosen. A honeymoon suite with a jacuzzi and room service can be the perfect ending to a beautiful wedding day. Make any wedding or honeymoon memorable for years to come by planning ahead.


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    • scarlton profile imageAUTHOR

      Shana Hurt 

      7 years ago from Boonville

      Thank You AllSuretyBonds! I'm glad you enjoyed the article, and thanks for reading.

    • AllSuretyBonds profile image


      7 years ago

      I enjoyed this article. I liked your advice on possibly having a combined bride and groom party instead of a bachelorette or bachelor party. I find sometimes my friends or family does not necessary want to do some of the traditional activities and then find themselves bored on the bachelorette night and they were just wishing they were partying all together. Great advice.


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