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A True Love's Confession

Updated on June 16, 2016
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Sheila is a kids' author who worked with challenged clients. She loves to share her experience in the mental health field with you!

It was the first time Sandy was going out to a disco nightclub with her high school buddies. Cookie had called her to invite her to ride in David’s new sparkling blue automobile. He picked her up by eight pm and they headed straight to Manhattan. A new discotheque, the Star Ship had just opened on 42nd Street and the fabulous Village People band was performing that night.

Even though Sandy was not 21 she managed to bypass the bouncers of the nightclub at the front desk. They believed she was of drinking age since she wore much makeup and made herself look older with chic clothes.

Sandy was simply fourteen, innocent and budding with curiosity! She had to devise a way to enter the discotheque, she just had to! It was a must and she was elated the bouncers allowed her inside. Sandy wasn't going to disappoint anyone, and not a drop of alcohol would touch her lips.

Jimmy and Sandy Met at the Star Ship, Night Club

The Star Ship was bustling with mirth and Sandy’s friends straight away hustled to the hip disco sounds of the seventies. Sandy was extremely shy and intelligent and she could dance up a tempest. She stood by her lonesome sipping on a Coca Cola and a debonair college boy named Jimmy asked her to dance. She danced a hustle stir with him. He was draped in a double breasted navy blue sport's coat and a lovely beige dressy pant with black shiny loafers. His hair was neatly combed and he had a dark handsome mustache.

Jimmy and Sandy danced as if they had been dance partners! He doused her and she whirled on her tip toes like a crown. Her hair went limp and frizzy from sweating and her mascara ran down her face. Even though they clicked like bread and butter that night, he was extremely interested in her after he realized she spoke perfect French and sounded totally grown-up.

Sandy fell in love with Jimmy as soon as he kissed her for the first time on a hot summer disco night in Manhattan.
Sandy fell in love with Jimmy as soon as he kissed her for the first time on a hot summer disco night in Manhattan. | Source

Jimmy and Sandy Danced All Night

Jimmy and Sandy danced all night and time passed quickly. He was a smooth talker, a hustler and his steps slid gracefully. Sandy was a great follower and so they danced like professionals.

Cooke and David noticed they had hit it off and were hoping Jimmy would give Sandy his telephone number. Jimmy was a college student studying to become a heart surgeon and Sandy was only in tenth grade. He kissed Sandy before parting in a Taxi cab and she melted in his arms.

Sandy was bright and aced all her class subjects except chemistry. She loved to read, dance and played a mean game of handball on the high school playgrounds a few times a week after school.

Sandy and Jimmy became best friends.
Sandy and Jimmy became best friends. | Source

Jimmy Called the Following Day

Jimmy called Sandy the following day before noon. And she needed to use a dictionary to speak with him, since he spoke in complicated vocabulary words while describing his interests and hobbies.

Since Sandy was only in tenth grade, what did she know? She had just started to study the intricacies of the English language and wasn't a fluent college student.

They laughed and giggled on the telephone and Sandy said she was fourteen. She told Jimmy, last night she was showing off and fibbed about her age. He couldn't believe how young, she was. He was disappointed, though he was surprised and amazed at her smarts.

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While Sandy was visiting Paris, Jimmy fell in love with someone else.
While Sandy was visiting Paris, Jimmy fell in love with someone else. | Source

Sandy Visited Paris! Jimmy Missed Her and Couldn't Wait for Her

Perhaps, if Sandy hadn't been away for so long, Jimmy wouldn't have cheated on her. Then again, if he was a liar, he would be involved with other women if they had gotten married. Sandy would have been a miserable wife, knowing her husband didn't love her enough to remain faithful. Things usually happen for the best, though we can't understand what is happening during the heat of the moment.

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Today, after many trials and errors, Sandy is happily married. Her husband treasures her and he would never ever cheat. Everything he possesses is Sandy's and he allows her to live her life freely and shop for all things sees likes. They are a match made in heaven and are soul mates.

Jimmy and Sandy Could Have Been Together Forever!

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© 2014 Sheila Craan


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    Dianna Mendez 2 years ago

    Your couples photo is so sweet. I love a true love story any day!

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