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Conflict Free Engagement Ring – What You Need to Know to be Socially Responsible

Updated on January 31, 2010

Buying an engagement ring is hard.  You have to pick out the style and size of diamond, style of ring, ring composition and now you have to consider the “greenness” of your ring?  While it’s easy to ignore the issue, there is a growing concern over providing conflict free engagement rings. 

A conflict free engagement ring is a ring that contains a certified conflict free diamond or other gemstone.  This means that the company has verified the source of the gemstone and that it comes from legitimate mines with people who are paid fair wages.  The movie “Blood Diamond” brought to light the issues surrounding diamonds that are mined from central Africa.  It’s unfortunately true that this natural resource has brought a lot of warfare, slave trade, and violence to a lawless region.  By purchasing a conflict free engagement ring, you avoid struggling with your conscience and moral stance on this issue. 

Most conflict free engagement rings contain diamonds that come from mines in countries such as Canada. 

While we’re being socially responsible we should also consider the impact that the material of the ring plays on the environment.  As part of a green wedding, a conflict free engagement ring normally incorporates using low-impact materials for the ring.  One such example is the recycled gold or silver ring.  There are many industrial process that use gold and silver which generate scrap and can be reclaimed for making rings.  Not to mention that electronics waste contains a significant amount of gold.  These recycled components are purified and make the exact same ring as a ring made from raw materials.

Because the supply of conflict free diamonds is very limited from these mines the cost of a conflict free engagement ring is a bit higher than a comparable diamond ring.  The following suggestions will provide you with some options for getting a cheap conflict free engagement ring.

Skip the diamond – Seeing as the diamond is the primary issue with the civil rights conflict in Africa, try using another precious stone as the centerpiece for you ring.  Some suggestions include sapphire, pearl, ruby or topaz.  Topaz actually comes in a variety of colors.  These alternate gemstone engagement rings will be loved because of the uniqueness; it’s sure to be a conversation starter

Go with moissanite – Moissanite is a laboratory crafted diamond simulant that is very close to diamond (in both hardness and luster).  It’s got all of the beauty of diamond without any of the conflict issues associated with it.  It’s about half as much as an actual diamond and if you’re afraid she’ll find out, don’t worry, jewelers have a hell of a time trying to tell the difference (they can but it’s not easy). 

Use Grandma’s ring – There is a certain allure to having an heirloom engagement ring.  Of course there is the whole retro thing that’s very popular these days, but to have a ring that’s been in the family seems to provide a certain connection that brings the two family’s closer.  Maybe not.

Shop around – If you really want a diamond and you can’t get the heirloom engagement ring working for you, you can still buy a conflict free engagement ring by just shopping around to get the lowest price.  There are many good retailers online that have certified conflict free diamonds and offer recycled ring options.  By looking around online you’re bound to find a good deal

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