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Confronting An Unfaithful Spouse

Updated on November 1, 2014
No More I Love Yous?
No More I Love Yous?

Upon discovering that one's most cherished lover and confidante has been disloyal, it can be quite frustrating. However, problems like these do not go away by ignoring them. They must be dealt with first-hand.

Here are the steps one must take in order to properly confront a cheating spouse.

1. Put Pen To Paper

Document any evidence you have of spousal infidelity, and write down your thoughts and feelings, as well.  Some of the things you might want to say or present to your partner may be difficult to express so having them written will help. 

2. Confront Them Calmly

Take a deep breath, and relax. While you may feel angry, no good can result from hitting or yelling. Present any and all evidence you may have regarding your partner's infidelity to them with a calm demeanour. Remember to listen to everything they have to say. Calmly and rationally express your viewpoint when you can.

3. Don't Place Blame

At this point, you will likely feel wronged, and wish to place blame on someone.  DON'T!

Don't waste your energy. Don't blame them, yourself. or a third party. This won't change anything, and can only cause a breakdown in communications.

4. Don't Rush Yourself

Don't start making any major decisions about your relationship just yet.  While your wife or husband may have been unfaithful, is that enough reason to throw it away? Take some  time and reflect on your relationship. Examine any and all issues that need to be dealt with before making any long-term decision.


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