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Confusing Love

Updated on February 12, 2017

A very common question often asked about love is 'What is love?

It's a mystery which people keep wondering about and are still not able to solve because most of them have not looked closely and deeply yet. Love is not easy to explain because it's not a thing, it's a feeling to feel and live. It's an experiment, the more you explore, the more it gets interesting. Everyone has one's own definition for it so do I. In fact, I have many definitions in my notebook, some of them are like:

1- Love is a one-word description of a combination of the required elements and virtues without which it is just a word.

2-Love is an emotional state where many other emotions running together at the same time in one's mind.

3-Love is a hacker who hacks your mind and changes all your brain's functioning and leave your system all out of control.

4- An invisible electric wire which connects your mind with your heart. As soon as it connects the result gets crazy, your heart starts popping up and heartbeats get faster. it's even worse for your mind, it makes your mind malfunctioned and every data stored inside starts getting mixed up without making any sense. Everything gets overturned and you have no idea what's happening with you and how to work on it. Mostly that's what usually defined as Love.

5-Love might be the only dish which combines so many herbs and spices all together, but it should be added in a proper ratio, at the right stage, and in the right amount for better aroma because lack or more of anything can spoil the taste.

I also know a very good recipe, but that's not what I am sharing here, no I am kidding there is no fixed recipe for love, there can never be. Love is a freedom and cannot be cooked in just one or two ways.

6-Last but not the least and which we all know that love is itself a wonder and strong enough to create many others.

What's your definition of LOVE?

© 2016 Divya Merh


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    • Divya Merh profile image

      Divya Merh 15 months ago

      Hi Jodah,

      Indeed, I agree with you.

      Love is a beautiful feeling which makes a soul glow

    • Jodah profile image

      John Hansen 15 months ago from Queensland Australia

      Love is: no score in a tennis match, or a feeling that takes over your body making you say and do crazy things, especially when in the presence of a certain person.

    • Divya Merh profile image

      Divya Merh 16 months ago

      I agree that everyone has a different way of expressing, but we should not forget the fact that LOVE is a feeling and it needs to be felt.

      About the example you mentioned here I would like to say that it doesn't prove that he loves her just because he protected her. The act of protecting shows that he is a gentleman who may or may not loves his wife. Also, sometimes people do get habitual of being with someone and get addicted to, they simply can't imagine the life without that one person even if the feeling of love had died and he would protect that one person in this situation too.

      I only believe in one thing, what's not felt, that cannot be LOVE. Expressions can be different, but feelings should be there. By saying this I don't mean to expect someone to be changed as if we expect someone to change for ourselves that cannot be LOVE either.

    • dashingscorpio profile image

      dashingscorpio 16 months ago

      Essentially love is both an emotion and perception.

      Each of us has our own definition or idea of what love is suppose to "look like, feel like, and how people should behave when in love...etc"

      In fact if our mate doesn't love us (the way) we want to be loved we generally do not (feel) loved!

      Lets assume a woman is married to a man who long ago stopped opening doors for her, rarely if ever compliments her, doesn't pull any romantic surprises or make the effort to buy her cards or token gifts "just because"....She may feel like he's no longer in love with her.

      And yet if an intruder broke into their house he'd lay down his life to protect her! Does he love her or not?

      The mistake a lot of people make is they assume everyone has the same definition of love and express that love in the same way.

      Not long ago I heard a radio host state he usually asks women early on when he's dating them: "How do you know when you are loved?"

      He said based upon their answer he knows whether or not he is the right guy. We can't expect someone to "change" how they (express) their love just to make (us) happy. People don't "change" unless (they) are unhappy!

      If you or your mate has to change your (core being) in order to make a relationship work there's a good chance that you're not right for one another.

      When it comes to "romantic love" ultimately the goal is to find someone who (naturally) loves us (the way) we want to be loved.