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Cool Online Dating Games

Updated on August 23, 2014
Did you try these great online dating games?
Did you try these great online dating games?

Fun Online Dating games That Act As A Perfect Matchmaker For You

Falling in love with someone is considered to be the most special and sacred of all human emotions. Being with that special someone gives your life a new dimension and you tend to feel more confident and positive in an unusual way. However before love, there comes a stage of infatuation where you feel attracted to someone all of a sudden. But that stranger may or may not be the most compatible person for you. To get rid of this dilemma, we have a great concept known as dating. Dating in most simple words means assessing your partner’s suitability and exploring each other as an individual. Thus it is a great way of avoiding any hardships in near future and finding your perfect match.
There are so many different things that one can do on a date like going for movies, having dinners and visiting night clubs etc. dating gives you the perfect amount of time to judge your prospective partner’s abilities and interests and thus you can be sure of whether you want to take your relationship further or not. Dating someone can be a real delight for few while it may prove to be a very tedious task for others. This is because there are no tried and tested rules of dating someone that’ll end both of you together. There is no guarantee that you’ll find your soul mate or even a compatible partner among your dates. However owing to the lack of time and busy lifestyles, a rather recent concept of online dating has emerged that is becoming extremely popular among people of all age groups.
In online dating people approach their prospective partners through internet and communicate with each other through this medium only. Getting in touch with strangers can sometimes prove to be dangerous, thus to simplify this process we have various online dating services that help you find the kind of partner you are looking for. This search is strictly based on the information provided by you to this website and they find people that suit your taste.
To add another feather to their hats, these online dating websites have introduced various dating games that are fun and act as a perfect matchmaker for you. In a recent research it has been seen that 1 out of every 10 Americans have tried an online dating game once in their lives. And why not, people these days spend their maximum time online and there are no stigmas attached to long distance relationships anymore. And you never know that while playing these games, you get to know someone special that you’ve been waiting for all these years.

List of some of the most famous online dating games:

  • The first to make it to our list is THE SECOND LIFE. It undoubtedly ranks number one in the list of most useful and amazing online dating games. With great user interface, graphics and variety, it’ll surely help you to find your mate. There are different zones in this game such as general, mature and adult and you are free to explore all opportunities. While playing this game you can also earn money, not virtual but real one. The money points you earn on Second life are easily convertible into dollars. So, this cool online dating game gives you double benefits.
  • The next on my list is MOOVE which gives all online dating gamers a chance to interact and date simulation in 3D way. Yes, you can interact with your date and chat with while being in a virtual room based on 3D graphics. You get to have a private room absolutely free of cost for you and your date and can even decorate your room as per your own taste offline.
  • The third cool online dating game to make it to our list is MEET ME. If you love to see wonderful and pleasant graphics and pictures on your dating game, then this game is definitely for you. The graphics of MEETME are far better than any of the online dating gamesavailable on the web. We must give credit to Japanese developers for its success. This game is highly social as you need to get on public transport or walk by foot to meet your prospective date. A special mention for all the bad people, if you indulge in any inappropriate gestures or activities, you’ll be banned from this game!! So try and maintain the dignity of the game.
  • Now let’s know a game that is actually meant for all the bad people that might get banned to use MEETME! The game I am talking about is rated adult, so people over 18 years of age are only eligible to use it. This game is UTHERVERSE which is earning more than $10 million in a year and is one of the most popular online dating sites on internet. This game is said to be a replica of an original online dating service and thus is meant for adults only.
  • Now let us have a look at an online dating game that is adored by women of all ages. I am talking about Sony play station home. Now you all must be wondering what makes this game favorite of all the women. This is because there are lots and lots of interesting and smart guys for you on this game and much lesser amount of the bad creeps that irritate you on other online dating games. Secondly, its graphics and picture quality are to die for and most of the users are young, so you won’t get caught with an oldie!


Now you all must have seen that as far as dating games are concerned, internet has a lot to offer to all of you. Be it boys, girls, men or women, each one of you would get what you want. If you use online dating games to flirt, you’ll get ample opportunities to do that. And if you are using them for finding yourself a serious partner, I am pretty sure they’ll take you to your soul mate as well. So all the best and keep gaming.


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