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Country Chic Wedding Ideas

Updated on February 13, 2012
Chic Barn Wedding
Chic Barn Wedding

Choosing Your Location

Modern brides are straying away from the "traditional" wedding ideas, and making their wedding day more fitting to their personalities, whether that means having a casual outdoor wedding in the country or a glamorous wedding at an outstanding and sought after vineyard in the city.

A country chic wedding is the perfect way to bring out that "down-to-earth girl" in you, yet still have a delightfully dreamy day to call your own. And, not just beautiful, but fitting for any budget.

When choosing your location, it's all about the views! Let nature do the decorating for you. Here are some popular places to have a country chic wedding:

  • A Ranch, preferably equipped with a barn that can be used for the reception. You would be amazed at how elegant you can make a barn wedding with some simple and affordable decorations.
  • A vineyard is a classic choice, and many cities are now offering this, even if it's just for show. Not every climate permits for growing grapes in abundance, but I've seen gorgeous vineyards being produced just to be used as a wedding venue.
  • A mountain wedding is a perfect rustic setting if you live close enough for your friends and family to attend. Many mountain areas have venues set up for special events, such as a wedding.
  • A local lake creates an exquisite backdrop for your wedding ceremony. Check with your local cities to see what kind of facilities they have to offer with a lake view.
  • The beach! How can you get more natural beauty than a beach? It also makes for a lot of barefoot fun!
  • A park. I'm not talking about the park you visited as a child with the creaky swing set and rusted slide. There are many parks that are set up just for the scenery, and are ideal for a wedding.
  • Your own backyard! If you have the space and scenery, why not?

Country Wedding At A Vineyard
Country Wedding At A Vineyard

The Decorations

Like I've already mentioned, the fabulous thing about a country wedding, is that you can let nature do the decorating for you! Your location is the most important, but also consider the other decorations you might want to use to give your wedding that little extra panache.

Keep in mind things such as burlap and lace, mason jars used as vases, candle holders, and hanging lanterns, barrels, natural wild flowers, sheer fabric used to make swags and draperies, hay bales, string lighting, antique books for table centerpieces, wood slices as bases for your table decorations, corks, wheat, twigs, and dried flowers.

Mason Jar Inspiration
Mason Jar Inspiration
Barn Wedding Inspiration
Barn Wedding Inspiration


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