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Couple Resolutions

Updated on January 6, 2017

Turn off the phone when spending quality time

This tends to be hard to do when we both have elderly parents, as well as it being my sole communication with work. However, going to a movie theater and other events encourages us to do so.

Cook together

My boyfriend loves to cook. I haven't really had the opportunity to cook much since leaving North Carolina and moving to Missouri. However, I have favorite recipes from my marital life that I hope to resurrect when I get married again. I have mentioned these recipes to my significant other. He's all for eating healthier. We have decreased our soda intake, and we have already seen the difference.

Meet new couple friends

We keep wanting to set up a time to go out to eat with friends of ours. (one that I have known since I was 16 years old. I wrote letters to her throughout my 18 year marriage. Therefore, she has a photo album with my kids pictures in it. That she said she wants to share with my boyfriend.) However, our schedules have been conflicting.

Plan more dates

We actually spend much of the time out. However, he always attempts to try and think of different things to do. Unfortunately, the weather prevented us from going to see a play December 2016.

Give yourself some alone time

We both go different places on our own. Some day though, we want to do some charity work together. Which may not happen until retirement. Whenever that is?

Fight more

If you don't communicate enough, make a point to have more arguments. They don't have to be screaming matches. Just bring things up that annoy you. Stand your ground more often. Your relationship will be better for it. Think of the memories of making up.

Learn a new hobby together

I have been thinking much about this one. He seems to like the idea. We just haven't found the right thing yet.

Get into each other's hobbies

When I started my hobby of making jewelry, my boyfriend was very supportive, so was his mother. He also tends to like to grab my camera and start taking pictures himself.

Go somewhere new, once a month

There has been two handful of times that we went and tried a new restaurant. Which all were good. Many were very different environments.

Spend more time with each other's family

We have had trips, birthday and anniversary parties, Thanksgiving, Christmas and just some simple dinners with family. This was the first man that actually tried my father's traditional Canadian meat pie. While I have gone to two different events in which his older brother catered. I have also tried their family chili recipe. They have a smoker, and smoke their own meat. Which should help with my hypoglycemia symptoms.

Find a show that you can binge watch together

He's been amazing. He will DVR the shows that I like to watch, when I have to work with a client at night. The next time I go over, we watch it together.

In conclusion

I, actually, got the idea for this article from another one that I read. I want to add my own thoughts to each heading. I am sure that there will be lots more to add, as we continue to move forward in our relationship. There are many things that we have talked about that we haven't been able to plan for yet. It's just a story that is continually told.


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