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Couples Can Benefit During Coronavirus Sheltering in Place

Updated on May 11, 2020
Cheryl E Preston profile image

Cheryl is a licensed, ordained minister and has a BA in Psychology and Church ministry. She spent 12 years attending Word of Faith churches.

Different strokes for different couples

The first thing to understand before reading this hub is that every couple is different. What I am about to share will benefit mature couples. Notice I did not say older husbands and wives but those who have weathered storms together and understand the benefit of longevity. Spouses still new to marriage will be in their honeymoon phase. They may be at a point where their answer everything is finding the newest sexual position and that's OK. . My advise may not benefit those couples, at least not yet.

When you have been together 30, 40, 50, 60, years or more you grow to a place where romance is more than the spectacular.You are at time of maturity where advise to rent sex tapes or use chains and whips is not what turns you on. This is an area you grow to and it is anything but boring, It is actually quite fulfilling and stimulating. We often hear a lot about couples who get on each others nerves or wives who wish their husbands had not retired. There are spouses who never tire of being together and COVID-19 is of no consequence to them. There are terms that are usually connected to the sex act, that can be beneficial in so many other ways. Just simply holding hands often can bring peace and contentment or laying your head on his shoulder while holding hands.

Role play

Couples that grow older together often take on roles that they would not have thought of in their younger days. You can shampoo each other's hair or give each other hair cuts if needed. The fun part is simply being close to your spouse and enjoying that intimacy. You can sit on the bed and comb or brush each other's hair, clip each other's nails, and rub each other's feet.The idea is to build intimacy and a feeling of closeness that bonds you together, rather than wishing you had your own space. In addition to becoming as barber, beautician, or manicurist you can also be your spouses personal masseuse.

The special bond between husband and wife is much better than having a stranger's hands on you even if he or she is a professional.Don;t wait to be asked. When you see your husband or wife sitting still or lying down, simply gently begin to rub their neck or slide your hand under their shirt for a back rub. Massage each toe and move down the foot and up the legs. Let the goal be the relaxation of your spouse and if it leads to anything else that's great, If you can you can be the fitness trainer and nutritionist for you husband or wife. Put on your masks and walk hand in hand in a safe area. Spot each other in exercises and eat healthy meals together.If either of you need to gain or lose weight you can weigh in at the same time. Lie down together naked on the bed and pretend you are on a an exotic hotel. Just enjoy being near each other.

Get kinky and heat things up

Some couples may not be as bothered by sheltering in place as others because they were already home bodies.They were not traveling or going out for entertainment anyway. These partners probably have already adapted and been enjoying each other without the frills of date night or doing anything outside the home. They might be able to tell you that they still get kinky and heat things up only in as different way. As we age, stiffness can be an issue so help your spouse to keep his or her joints moving by getting the kinks out. Rub, massage, knead, push and pull wherever they are having problems. Arms, legs, back, sides, or anywhere else. This is different from regular massage because you are focusing on specific places where stiffness and or soreness tend to be issues. Using warm oil on your hands will help your partner to feel even better. If you own a whirlpool, sauna or home spa this is a bonus. If not take a very warm bath or shower together and lather each other up.How you end this session is quite personal but keep in mind the mission to accomplish is drawing closer to each other and strengthening your bond. Walk up to your significant other occasionally and give them a rub in that trouble spot. he or she might be flattered and ask how you knew that's what they needed. Couples who are close have a connection and at times know what is needed without a word being said.

Use your inagination

I actually feel sorry for younger generations because they leave nothing to the imagination. Teenagers send nude images to each other, and make sex tapes.I understand this is the way of the world and it's not going to change but older generations were raised differently. Many but not all baby boomers and those older have a respect for the institution of marriage. Most men used to desire their wife to be a virgin. That's laughed at now, but married people used to keep their privates for the eyes of their spouse only. There is something really sensuous about being fully clothed and imagining your spouse undressed and knowing he or she is for your eyes only. Learn to appreciate the person you married and see their heart and spirit and not what age is doing to their body. Again this is for mature couples and might seem silly to young folks but live long enough and you will learn.

You need a slow hand

Take time as often as you can to touch your spouse without sex in mind.A caress around the breast or his chest, a small swat on the rear or rub your leg next to his or hers when sitting in a waiting room or when you are on the couch. These simple gestures will help take the edge off of being sheltered in place. Slowly your hands through your wife's hair, or rub your husband's head. Hold hands. Put on your favorite slow song and dance close because you can right now. Rub your hands slowly up and down your spouses back.

The lips and tongue can have wonderful benefits

The next time your partner gets on your nerves, before you say something you might regret, say I love you instead. Even if you are not feeling it at the time, just say it. Use that tongue to speak good and not evil. Every time you feel annoyed find something kind to say. Tell your wife she is pretty and that you are glad you married her.Speak the opposite of all the things being sheltered in place might bring to mind. Call you mate by his or her pet name and make a big deal when they do something special for you.

Each of these suggestions can be utilized at any time but during the pandemic they can make life a little easier to bear. As I have said in other articles, our society is over sexed. Mass commercialization of the sex act has all but caused making love to become extinct. Romance and intimacy without expecting intercourse builds trust, and can deepen feelings between a couple. Say please and thank you a lot and just make a habit to be kind. You will probably be amazed at the results. If you feel that you are too old for all of this then you should think again. I purposely subtitled with phrases that are often utilized in a different way, just to make my point. I hope I have and that some couple will benefit .

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.


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    • Cheryl E Preston profile imageAUTHOR

      Cheryl E Preston 

      12 months ago from Roanoke

      Yes that is true/.

    • OGUNDARE OLUSEGUN profile image


      12 months ago from NIGERIA

      Good work. When God gives couples long lives, they enjoy life better.


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