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Compromise: A Walk to Remember?

Updated on September 7, 2016
Walking by Martyn Davis I do not own rights to this picture.
Walking by Martyn Davis I do not own rights to this picture. | Source

Just Walking

My boyfriend and I were walking the other night, he was pushing the stroller, and I was deep in a conversation with him only to look up and find him at least fifty paces ahead. Now this might strike a person as odd without a proper explanation, so i'll provide one. He walks fast. Thats it. Not that I walk excessively slow by any means, but we do find ourselves in that situation quite a bit where he is up ahead and turns around with a look as to say, what happened to your legs. At this moment is when I ask him where he's hurrying to, and why its so damn important for me to interrupt my leisurely walk just to huff and puff to our destination, especially if we're in no rush. I'm not out of shape or even close, and for the most part I do walk at faster pace. Bear in mind, he's only three inches taller than me, and it is not in the legs, so how it's possible that he walks that fast and i'm supposedly walking slow, well i'm not too sure. Anyway, it hit me when this happened that for a relationship to work out, both partners must walk together physically, and figuratively. Romantic relationships, they are simply parternerships where one cannot without the other. Of course we should adhere to any rigidness and should allow for flexibility in all things, however we should never negate compromise.


Unwarranted Anger

There are strains brought on by the incongruity of two people pursuing one goal. That goal being to stay together, it is at the fixative point that both partners (or more, different strokes for different folks) unite in "flesh" as the bible would put it. There is a compromise that eventually occurs where he slows down, and I speed up and we walk together. It is difficult for one to slow down to another's pace and not feel any sort of resentment, and likewise for the other to speed up and not tire out. I began to apply this to our entire relationship, deepening the understanding of each other as I went. I was provoked by the surmise that our inability to physically walk together might lead to the demise of our entire relationship. This is how absorbed I was by this random idea which sprang from almost pure laziness. In that way it began that obviously he should slow down for me, not only that but if I needed to be carried, as the apparent leader, he should turn around and pick me up. Now, we had previously broached this subject at which point I accused him of being a terrible leader. So in my imaginative land of random patterns, this would involve me jeering at him from fifty paces behind, relentlessly accosting about how he wasn't fit to be a leader. This I realized was unacceptable as someone who had asked him to walk by my side, because not only was I not holding up my end of the deal as well, but I was throwing upon him expectations with insult to add to any failures on his part.

The Springtime, Pierre Auguste Cot
The Springtime, Pierre Auguste Cot

To Do Anything...for Each Other

Suffice to say, he wanted to slow down, but I wouldn't allow it. I ended up running up the other side of the road to beat him to the door. The applicable part of that ending, in regards to our relationships was that even though we started at the same place, and were to end at the same place, at no point did it occur to each of us to help each other get there. Nor did we stop to think about enjoying the journey there together, regardless of the weather, obstacles, or distractions. Compromise, if not the most important necessity, should be a consideration added to the initiation of every decision in a relationship. As we walk tirelessly through this life, many of us will find a partner. Its practically inevitable, so take a moment to look to your right or left and really see that that person next to you isn't there to compete with you. That person that you chose, that has chosen you is there to walk with you, run with you, jump, dive, grovel, do whatever it takes for both of you to land feet first at that finish line. The beauty of love is having someone to share it with isn't it? So next time you're walking with your significant other, take time to stroll together in this lovely endeavor.


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