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Cracking Down on the Signs: Does He Like Me More Than a Friend?

Updated on April 12, 2016

Cracking Down on the Signs: Does He Like Me More Than a Friend?

Ladies, when learning about guys, there can be some confusion along the way. It may seem like he likes you, but he is not always consistent with his actions and words. Sometimes it is just so hard to tell when you are first getting to know them. I want to give a few tips from some experiences I have had, and share with you what I believe to be true about men that are interested in you.

If he makes any physical contact with you in any way, he probably likes you. If he brushes your arm briefly, or pushes you gently in a teasing manner, he definitely likes you no doubt about it. Guys like touching and being playful and if he is “accidentally” bumping against you or finding any excuse to touch you, then you are more then just a friend to him.

He picks you up when he hugs you. This could go along with the whole touching concept except the way he hugs you is important. If its just a quick hug or a hug with a small squeeze, he may just view you as a friend. If he holds the hug for a long time or picks you up when he hugs you, those are some sure signs he really likes you. Guys like to feel like men, and being able to exert that by picking you up and holding you makes them feel more manly.

He pays attention to you and gives you the most attention when you are with him and your friends or with him and his friends. Notice how he behaves when around others. If he is talking and paying attention to everyone equally in the room, he might just think of you as a friend and nothing more. If he pays attention to all of them but keeps his eyes on you and stays close in distance to you, hes thinking of you as a possible girlfriend.

Showing interest in what you tell him is a key way to find out if he likes you more then a friend. If you hang out with him and tell him about yourself and he just happens to remember your favorite restaurant and buys you yellow roses because that is your favorite color, he is trying to impress you and wants you more then a friend. He may also causally mention that he remembers your middle name and bring up the names of your parents or pets. That means he cares about what you say and he listens because he is interested in you.

Some guys, when they like you, ignore you. I know this is weird, especially because it kind of throws off everything else I just stated about guys, but it is true. Its like a game they play and girls play it too. When you meet them for the first time or first couple times, all their attention and focus and flirtiness is on you. You might notice as you get closer and see him more, he may start to not give you as much attention or, he may even start flirting with other girls in front of you! This might seem messed up but it is a way that guys will test you to see if you will chase after them. A little bit of this is okay because it is natural but pay careful attention to how he does it. If he plays games and acts this way every time, expecting you to always make the first move, then he is probably immature and not worth your time.


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    • profile image

      Cami R 21 months ago

      I respect what you said about guys being awkward and afraid of rejection. Sometimes without experience, it can be hard for them to know exactly what to say and that can come off as immature or creepy even. I have had many guy friends that said they got mistaken for both of those things just because they did not have enough experience on how to act around girls. On another note, I don't agree that looking for signs is immature. I wrote this article mainly for girls that are just confused on how men behave and act when they like them. Girls can be afraid to communicate due to insecurities and that is why getting more information on the signs guys give can help them in feeling more confident and knowing what to look for. Communication is important too! It is hard to get to know another person and be honest about your feelings without it.

    • dashingscorpio profile image

      dashingscorpio 21 months ago

      If he asks you out and spends his hard earned money on you he's physically attracted to you. There's a 90% chance he's romantically or sexually interested in you. Guys don't often spend a lot of time or money on women (they're not attracted to). It's really that simple.

      When it comes to "true friends" most men would rather hang out with other men. Having said that if you're dealing with a boy or a guy with limited dating experience he may be awkward or afraid of rejection so much so that he hides his desires under the guise of "hanging out".

      Ultimately it's not about (him) as much as it is about what (you) want or don't want. Looking for signs instead of communicating is immature.

      One man's opinion!:)