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Crash course in selecting the perfect South Indian Wedding card

Updated on March 18, 2014

A south Indian wedding invitation may be a tad different from the cards we see in other cultures, but steps involved in making it are quite similar to the others. Though traditionalism is predominant in the design and wordings, the thought that needs to go in the making, budgeting andetiquettes of sending the card are the same.

However, to-be-wed couples could find it a challenge to settle on one type of an invitation given the plethora of designs available in the market. Sorting out the process with the help of a few tips could be a life and time saver. Let’s start with a crash course in selecting a wedding invitation that befits the South Indian culture.

Factors involved in selection of the card:

Theme based cards –

South Indian wedding invitations are mostly seen in a very conventional avatar featuring a motif of Lord Balaji, mango leaves, puja thali etc. either inside or on the front page of the card. But new age couples are taking to innovative styles of invitations based on the theme they plan for their wedding. Themes could be as formal as a royal wedding to as casual as a beach arrangement. Also, destination wedding is fast catching with the other themes prevalent in the market these days. Whatever theme you choose for this important day, make sure your wedding card conveys it to the guests. Include elements of the theme in the wordings and design of the card. In case of a destination wedding, you need to also inform your guests on how to reach there and a little sightseeing information.

Budget –

Your selection is constantly guided by the budget you’ve kept aside for this aspect of the event. In case you have a stringent budget, opt for a card of a regular size, cut down on the frills and select a paper quality that is not highly expensive. Also, the printing style you choose will add to the cost. To get the best rate consider shopping around on offline and online markets. Bulk orders usually fetch you a good deal and some freebies too.

Design -

The aspect that’ll instantly grab your attention when selecting a card is the design. If you opt for a traditional card, then you will be saving a lot of time in deciding the design of the card, as the conventional form has a typical format of minimal design and traditional words. Whereas, a theme based or a contemporary invitation presents a massive collection of designs to choose from. You can have a content based design or opt to have a particular motif dominate the entire design of the card. You could also choose to have innovatively cut invitations, which stand out from the regular styles.

How to stick to a budget?

Paper quality –

The quality of paper you choose and its size influence the cost of the card. If you are on a tight budget, then opt for a paper quality that is light and fine rather than handmade paper. In case you want to go for a complicated printing style then you have no option but to select a paper of thicker quality.

Design complexity –

The more complicated the design, the more is the labour involved in making it. This is why an intricately made card is highly priced. Laser cut cards, cards with many complicated folds,innovative shape etc. will move your budget to the expensive side of the scale. Those with a shoestring budget for invitation cards should opt for a simpletraditionally designedcard.

Number of leaflets –

The number of leaflets in the card will also add to cost. So instead of adding a leaflet for every event in the ceremony, use the space in the main card efficiently.

Printing method –

Opting for expensive printing techniques such as engraving will need you to keep aside a hefty amount. Processes that need special printing requisites like thicker paper quality,made to order printing plates etc. will usually be a pricy affair. Economical and equally effective options are thermography and digital printing. These require a basic quality of paper and no other special pre-requisites for the making.

South Indian wedding invitation words

Usually South Indian wedding card wordings are in the regional language like Tamil, Telugu etc. However, many have started incorporating English too for friends and acquaintances outside the caste. Some templates of invitation card wordings are as follows –

After the wordings have been selected, insist on a sample card so that you can thoroughly proofread it and make edits as required. Proof reading is an imperative process, hence make sure you not only proof read it yourself but also involve other family members or a close friend in the process.

Etiquettes of delivering the card:

After you are dome preparing the perfect wedding card to announce the biggest day in your life, it’s now time to deliver it to the people most important to you. Delivering cards personally to guests is considered the most appropriate way of inviting them. For those who cannot be invited in person, make sure you follow up with a phone call after the delivery of the invitation. A few things to keep in mind are:

  • The wedding invitation should be properly sealed
  • Make sure the name of the guest is spelled correctly
  • The handwriting on the card should be neat and easy to read
  • In case you are posting the card then make sure the address mentioned is correct
  • Also, use the right amount of stamps
  • If you are using a courier service then inquire about the delivery schedule

These days, many couples have taken to emailing the invitation rather than delivering a hard copy. In such a case you can have a different design for the card or scan the wedding invite and attach it with a personal note.

What style of wedding are you planning?

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© 2014 Nilesh Parekh


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