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Ideas: Fun Things To Do With Your Friends

Updated on June 21, 2016

Are you always trying to think of things to do on the weekend? It can be hard to thing of fun things to do with friends, beyond the standard "go see a movie", go have lunch", or "go shopping". But that gets boring! Here are some ideas for activities to do with friends.

Thanks to this list of fun things to do with friends, you'll always have something to do on the weekend. It includes things to do at a friend's house, things to do at home, and lots of stuff outdoors too. Best of all, there are lots of free things to do with friends!


People Watching Games

Have a sit down with your bestie in public in a nice spot, maybe on a park bench or under a tree, and just watch the world go by.
Here are some fun people watching games to play (remember to be discreet):

  1. People watching bingo
    Create cards with a list of descriptions on it, such as “man wearing a funny t-shirt”, “little girl who clearly dressed herself”, “person with a hat and glasses”, and “woman wearing red jeans”. When you see someone who matches a description, cross it off the card. First one to cross off all the descriptions wins!

  2. Guess who?”
    This game is just like the board game, except real life. One person randomly picks a member of the public (preferably someone sitting down so they don’t walk away and ruin the game) and the other asks questions such as “are they wearing glasses?” to try and figure out which person it is.

  3. Fake conversation
    Select two people that you can see are having a conversation. You each get to choose one of them, and when your chosen one talks, make up words that could be what they are saying. Try to play off things like body language. Sit far away so that they can’t hear you. Click here to check out an example of somebody else playing this game.

  4. Make up stories about people’s lives
    Create a backstory for someone you see… what could their life be like? For example: are they married? Are they happy with their partner? Do they have kids? A job? What’s their relationship with their family like? Where are they going now? Do they wish they were going home instead?

  5. Hipster or homeless?”

  6. Pretend that toddlers are just people that are really drunk

  7. Find celebrity lookalikes


There are plenty of worthy organisations in need of a helping hand Spend some time with your bestie doing something good – it'll make you feel good, looks great on a resume, and you might even make some new friends too!

Here are some ideas of places to volunteer to get you started:

Soup kitchen
Op shop / thrift shop
Nursing home
Animal shelter
Conservation programs

Go on a ghost tour

Many cities have at least one company offering ghost tours! Why not go along one night for the novelty of it and the spooky atmosphere? You may even discover new grisly stories about your hometown's past that you didn't already know.

To check if the company running the ghost tour is good, I suggest looking them up on Tripadvisor. Such attractions are often popular with the touristicos, so there will hopefully be some reviews up!

Play laser tag

Laser tag is great fun! You get given a special vest, with your laser gun attached to it. The aim of the game is to shoot at your opponents whilst not getting shot yourself!

Most places that offer this will let you play in teams or as individuals.

Op shopping / Thrift Shopping

Pick up a bargain at your local thrift store! Thrift stores are great for vintage clothes, books, DVDs, and random items that you had no idea actually existed.


Things to do at the Beach

Going to the beach is a great idea if you live near one! There are plenty of things to do there all year round.

Collect shells
Write things in the sand
Make sandcastles
Bury each other in the sand
Use the sand to exfoliate
Eat fish and chips while you watch the sunset
Try to skip stones
There's a trick to it – don't give up straight away!
Play frisbee

What are some of your favorite things to do with friends? Leave a comment below to share!

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