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Crazy Wedding Stories, Wedding Day Madness

Updated on March 21, 2011

The Not So Funny And The Funny


Well here’s one way to make your wedding day memorable as is the case where two newlyweds said there I do’s then robbed the wedding chapel.  This took place in Sevierville, Tennessee the couple Brian Dykes and Mindy McGhee were married at Angels View Wedding Chapel at The Black Bear Ridge Resort where they rented a cabin after the wedding, a employee noticed the couple’s car back outside around 1am along with the fact that the lockbox with cash missing.  Later found at a restaurant the couple confessed then turned over $500 in cash.  What a crazy story, why in the world would you want to risk spending your happiest moment in a jail cell, I know I should’ve said why in the world would you do this period, but there could have been many reasons, maybe the chapel charged too much for the wedding ceremony and the couple needed the extra money for a honeymoon, maybe the chapel ceremony should have provided a free dinner incentive, maybe the couple chose the Bonnie n Clyde ceremony package.  Whatever the reasons to be are, I say congratulations to the happy couple for making this a moment the headlines will forever classify among the stupidest things to do.  The wedding gifts would definitely not include a get out of jail free card because both are being held on a ten thousand dollar each bond.

Have you heard the story of the drunken bride trapped in a baking BMW after the wedding?  Yeah a 3o year old highly intoxicated bride had to be rescued from the car while sleeping off the wedding party where she drunk more than anyone at the entire party. Sounds to me like she realized what a mistake she had made by getting married, just kidding. Police were notified and found her sleeping the backseat with wedding gifts and lots of vodka bottles from an opened case; she couldn’t find her keys so she’d climbed through a back window.  The bride was taken to a local hospital, treated for exhaustion then released, where was the groom? My guess would be sleeping away in the trunk or off with one of the bridesmaids.

You are going to love this one that happened several years ago in Wisconsin, the bride and groom both in their late twenties planned the perfect wedding day but had kept it a secret from people they thought might want to ruin it. The people I am speaking of are the ex of the groom along with several of her family members.  Everyone was at the wedding including the minister who had been called out the church to check on his car that was reportedly being towed, upon leaving the church the minister was forced into a van at gun point by none other than the grooms ex girlfriend and brother.  To make a long story short the ex meant to stop the wedding by kidnapping the minister as if this has ever stopped someone from marrying before but the minister was able to get the attention of a passing squad car therefore ruining the kidnapping plan, able to return to the church with the wacky story he had to tell, everyone just laughed, didn’t think he was serious when he told them he’d been kidnapped and by who. If the plan was really to have worked wouldn’t it have been a great idea to just kidnap the bride or the groom himself?

Okay, I have to say that if I was the bride in this video I would have been going crazy over the way my hair looked as well, I mean it’s a wedding day that’s supposed to happen only once in life, you want everything to be perfect. 

Wedding Day Hair Madness

The next bride is definitely swearing like a sailor, hey it’s the wedding day and a lot of people are missing including the mother of the groom, my favorite part is when she sais the mother of the groom is not here. Congratulations you have now become the perfect daughter in-law, I am sure your mother in-law is going to love this one, but hey don’t worry she’ll get over it because you’re allowed to be fussy on this wonderful occasion.

I'm Swearing My Way Through Wedding Day


I love watching Bridezillas, crazy stories all the time, probably just cold feet.  This is the story of the sentimental before the wedding happens and the groom gets teary eyed. Why do the brides make the groom cry? Probably when they say “I’m not going to marry you” and what a harsh thing to say to a sensitive man like this. I cried for him but hey she does love you, what are you really crying for? Did you ask her to marry you, or did she tell you that you two were getting married? Whatever the case I am wishing you two much happiness.

Dont Cry, I do Love You, Yes I do...

You're Not Supposed To Look Better Than Me!


This insane bride has a definite problem with the bridesmaids. It seems she wants them all to be perfectly plump, if they look at least a little thin then they are not playing their part.  I can understand her reason for wanting them all to be of a certain size but would it really matter if they are still pretty, you can’t change how beautiful a person is no matter the size, so what’s a bride to do?

Mother-In Laws From Hell

There is a weird but interesting website i visited called"Mother In-Laws From Hell" its just a basic website where people vent about ruined wedding days and drama from family. I read one story where the parents of the groom were shouting, making sexual comments, along with abusing the bride and groom. Another story was the groom actually on the site talking about how his parents were full of BS, he says he knows he's a man, doesn't think he should be on the website but has to get out his anger. If i were getting married and had to vent about a future in-law i would definitely join the community of angry people. Its funny that you sort of have a social website for every topic these days.


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