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Crazy behavior.....single women

Updated on June 11, 2012

The new age single woman’s crazy behavior:


#1. Sleep with everyone who smiles at you or whispers something pretty in your ear and wonder why you never become a girlfriend/wife.

#2. Believe everything someone says without waiting to verify the truth.

#3. Believe you are in a relationship or on your way to marriage from your first interaction and/or discussion.

#4. Google and background check everyone you have a random conversation with under the guise you need to “check him out” although you aren’t anything to him.

#5. Become totally delusional and convince yourself you are in a relationship, only problem is he has no idea or reason to draw the same conclusion.

#6. Snoop in his phone and attempt to break email/social media codes because you feel you are entitled to know his every thought, interaction, and movement.

#7. Pretend to be June Cleaver although you are a witch on a broomstick in real life.

#8. Fake like you are interested in all the things he enjoys although you could care less.

#9. Follow him home so you can find out more about him.

#10. Obsessively call and text this man multiple times although he has never responded to either.

#11. Suggest how you are ready to move in and think August is a great time to get married.

#12. Receive your restraining order with pride for committing all these crazy offenses after 1 day.

Rock on all you psycho, delusional, obsessive, desperate, aggressive stalker daters!


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