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Create Your Own Closure

Updated on February 20, 2011

How many times have you placed your life on hold to wait for a phone call to let you know whether or not a relationship was still alive and well? How many times have you been stuck in a holding pattern waiting for someone to notify you whether or not they've forgiven you? How many times do you intend to allow yourself to be paralyzed by others' actions, or lack thereof?

NOW is the time! Give up your emotional servitude. Break down the walls of the psychological prison you've built for yourself. Learn how to create your own closure. Take BACK your life!


How to Create Your Own Closure

 1. Realize that you are giving up control over your life to others by making the choice to wait for them before acting in your own best interest.

2. Decide that you've had enough of this vicious, pernicious cycle.

3. Give yourself permission to move on with your life without any input or approval from anyone else.

4. Put the matter behind you by making an independent decision about how you will handle it and following through on your decision.

5. Squash lingering doubts by telling yourself it will be okay. Believe that  things will be okay.

6. Deal will your feelings by writing about them in a journal. Affirm your decision to move on in writing every day.



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