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Creative Dates for Long Distance Relationships

Updated on January 2, 2017

Missing Something in Your Relationship?

There are many reasons why couples find themselves in long distance relationships. Whatever the reason, it isn't easy. When you are missing your boyfriend/girlfriend or wife/husband, you can still ask them out on a date. Here are a few ideas on how to be close while being far apart!

6 Ways to Have Fun in a Long Distance Relationship

1) Plan a movie date together. Choose a movie and make sure you both have access to this movie rather you buy, rent or find it on Netflix! Pop the movie in, and call your sweetie. Put the phone on speaker phone, so you can laugh and comment on the movie together in real time.

2) Go for a walk "together". Set out on a walk at the same time your loved one sets out on one. Stop every time you see something beautiful, unique, interesting or funny. Snap a photo and send it to your loved one. Ask them to do the same. One of the best parts of a relationship is getting to witness the beauty of the world together. You get the added bonus of getting to see two different beautiful places in the world.

3) Have a dessert night. Make a batch of cookies, and send some to your partner. After they receive their cookies, plan a night where you call each other to chat while indulging on the yummy treat. What is sweeter than sugar and a happy relationship?

4) Go bowling! Plan a night when you are both free, and go to local bowling allies. Send each other photo proof of your scores, and have a friendly little competition.

5) Play two truths and a lie. It can be hard to really get to know your partner in a long distance relationship. This is a fun game that can be played through text messages or an instant messenger. Take turns listing 3 facts about yourself. 2 of these facts should be true, and one should be a lie. See if your partner can pick out the lie! It is a great way to learn more about each other.

6) Write each other love letters. Technology can be a life saver for long distance relationships, but there is just something magical about writing and receiving a hand written love letter. Not good at writing? Read my related hub (below) for advice!


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