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Forgiving Hearts Create Love

Updated on July 25, 2017

Hello, friend! This hub is a labor of love from my heart to any who come to read. I'm writing this because I'm motivated by a strong desire to see lives improved. My subject and theme is our search for love and happiness, and I've learned some truths about making our search more successful. I think we all realize that the whole world loves love, everywhere we go people are talking about it. Wherever we go we know people who are yearning for real and lasting love in their lives. And it's a well known truth that our close love relationships are one of the most precious and vital parts of our lives. All relationships are important, and when they are troubled we are not happy. However, to my way of thinking If we would pause to think we can see that the relationships of man and wife, their children, their lifestyle and the company they keep are the foundation society is built upon. This is the place where we're established in the behavior patterns that will stay with us throughout our lives.

I think that the beautiful song I'm sharing here speaks the truth about our relationships so well. In my youth I wasn't aware that a forgiving lifestyle would bring a greater peace to life. So maybe some others who don't know that will hear some good lessons from the song. I did.

"We Believe In Happy Endings" by Johnny Rodriquez

The lesson is about pride and stubbornness. Because we're prideful we don't yield to forgiving attitudes. We hole onto hurt and we hurt back. And pride will keep us from knowing peace. Sadly, forgiveness and the desired happy endings don't always happen. But in many cases we can unlearn and relearn if one is willing to pay the price. We can rise up above blame and a desire to get even. These are emotions that will always keep our souls troubled.

In my humble opinion the failure of the love and marriage relationships is one of the most serious problems of our society. Sick and hurting marriages and relationships cause ripples of bitterness and strife which effect the atmosphere of our homes and families. Fighting and wars in the home life lay a foundation for deeply ingrained insecurities. Such childhood insecurities remain with us as we grow up and become a part of society. Often, a broken and troubled part.

I look all around me and see the damage done by hatred and strife. And I wonder about our personal responsibilities. Are we as a parent and family member keeping our learning priorities in right order? Do we save our best behavior for friends and employers, not realizing that kindness and our "best behavior" is what all our loved ones hunger for and deserve? I think all would agree that good character undergirds society. Are we devoting our learning skills mostly to the pursuit of excelling in reading, writing, and arithmetic and even responsible civic duties? Agreeably, these are some basic necessities for life. However, we can all be found guilty of taking too lightly a right education in stable relationships and matters of the heart. A high Intellect often is considered much more admirable than good character and integrity in our relationships. Do we even realize that when our hearts are humble and we desire peace we can change the atmosphere we live in?

Proverbs 4:23

Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life.

It's true that we can't change the world, but there is a way we can change our own world. If we will take care to learn and to apply God's spiritual laws of love and forgiveness to our relationships we can guard our lives from hurtful failure.

Luke 17:3

Take heed to yourselves: If thy brother trespass against thee, rebuke him; and if he repent, forgive him.

Forgiveness and mercy are powerful forces for good. These gifts from God possess the power to re-create the atmosphere we live in. It's so good to live with love and mercy! I hope you find a key here to create a new way in your life to enjoy happy endings in all your relationships. And my hope is that this hub might stir some hearts to look deeper into scripture and the truths about the salvation to be found in Jesus Christ. Then we can seek those happy endings that are eternal. Blessings in this life, and in the one to come.


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    • panguerita profile image

      Rita Hanks 6 years ago from Little Elm, Texas

      it is such an honor to hear that from you, Poppa. For as I read through your writings for your Master, I sense the fire of your passion for him which has carried you through many fires and trials. Jesus shines brightly through you! Thanks for your friendship and prayers!

    • poppak profile image

      poppak 6 years ago from United States of Texas

      Well you have done it again, your pen

      has brought the Love of God to us.

      God Bless you Dear Lady!


    • panguerita profile image

      Rita Hanks 7 years ago from Little Elm, Texas

      I am very glad to hear that you were pleased to read my article, and that it is making a difference! Thank you for your words of blessing, and I ask God's blessings on you7!

    • CMCastro profile image

      Christina M. Castro 7 years ago from Baltimore,MD USA

      I was glad to read your hub because my marital relationship was on the verge of breaking up, but through the power of God's Love and forgiveness, we have made up and only with the Power of God's Wisdom, and Living His Word will we survive. I hope you get to read my hub about it. Peace to you and may God bless you with Love and tender mercies. CM