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Creative Upcycling – Wedding Centerpieces

Updated on December 17, 2014

Planning a wedding on a budget can be tricky, but with a bit of creativity and some ingenuity, anyone can pull off a beautiful wedding no one will ever guess was decorated and styled on a shoestring. Centerpieces for each reception table are no exception. After finding your dress at a favorite discount bridal shop like and getting other big wedding decisions out of the way, there are many trending centerpiece ideas available to turn your attention toward, and each can be tailored to fit individual tastes.

Bottle and Jar Centerpiece

Wine and Other Glass Bottles and Jars

  • The color blue is not only popular but also quite elegant and classy for weddings. Several alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, including spring water, come bottled in blue glass bottles. Many wedding designers and brides choose to utilize these bottles as vases, arranged together to display something as simple as baby's breath or other flowers or greenery. One blogger demonstrates how she used this idea for her own wedding.
  • A second blogger displays the idea of spray painting wine bottles with metallic gold and silver paint for a Gatsby-style wedding. This can also work for a winter wedding, set in the evening, or simply gold or silver individually for an elegant flair.
  • For more winter wonder and elegance, another blogger shares this craft site find: a tutorial using wine bottles, primer spray, Epsom salt, and spray adhesive. This idea is beautiful, and the couple might even choose to save some of the bottles for their annual Christmas décor following the big event.
  • Another blogger suggests a variety of different sized and colored bottles and jars, some filled with greenery or simple flowers, and some filled with nothing, or perhaps glass marbles. These items can be arranged either in a grouping alone or on a tray of choice.
  • One blog featured a reader's idea of decoupaging photos of the happy couple on various wine bottles to display in placements of three or more on each table. This reader chose to use all green wine bottles, but blue bottles or even those spray-painted to match the couple's wedding colors work nicely.

Thrift Store Finds

  • A blogger shared how one couple utilized some “funky finds” and arranged them cleverly for their centerpieces. Although this couple had a large budget of $25,000, this idea would work on a much smaller budget by simply reclaiming items similar to the ones shown in the blog post from thrift shops and consignment stores. Other places to check include tag or garage sales, flea markets, and even antique malls and boutiques.
  • Old brass candlesticksmay be out of style, but giving them a fresh look with spray paint and then scratching some of the paint off to help them look aged provides a tasteful, creative display. One Etsy shop features these, or you could try your own hand at creating an individualized set for the occasion.
  • Another Etsy idea takes old milk glass bud vases and gives them a new look, similar to the idea using brass candlesticks. Any color palette that fits the couple would work for either of these ideas.

More Ideas

For more ideas on how to create special and unique upcycled wedding centerpieces, a great place to start is Pinterest, or go to bridepower for some DIY ideas.


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