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Creative Ways To Hang Christmas Lights For A Wedding

Updated on March 21, 2011

There are a few great ways to hang Christmas lights for a wedding to add style and flair to the event. Lights always bring a decoration up a notch, making things more noticeable, even adding a touch of class that wouldn't have been there before. Tastefully adding lights is what is important; otherwise you look like you are out to find ways to have Christmas lights for a wedding with a circus theme not a Christmas theme, or traditional wedding.

When you are considering ways to hang Christmas lights for a wedding you need to think about the look you are trying to achieve. Is this a winter wedding, a Christmas themed wedding? If so, icicle lights hanging from the edges of tables may be suitable. If it's not a winter wedding or a Christmas themed wedding you'll want the lights to be more low-key. If done right, Christmas lights can be used without looking like Christmas lights.

One great of the great ways to hang Christmas lights for a wedding is on a trellis. Many people choose to decorate an aisle or walkway with a trellis decorated with flowers. Why not add lights? A strand of white Christmas lights carefully wrapped around the trellis will provide a nice touch, especially if the trellis will be in a dimly light room or on an outdoor walkway at night.

If you want to create a bit of mood lighting at an indoor reception you can always think of easy ways to hang Christmas lights for a wedding such as rope lights. Rope lights are simply a strand of lights encased in a flexible plastic casing to achieve a uniform look. Rope lights can be strung in various patterns all over the ceiling to provide a bit more lighting and a fun look.

Rope lights can also be used to light walkways and paths as they can be tacked to the ground in straight lines or maneuvered along winding walkways. This gives a great look, too!

Another of the ways to hang Christmas lights for a wedding is simply to tack them up around the ceiling to provide mood lighting and a bit of a romantic feel. If you can find strands of lights that coordinate with your wedding colors that would be even better. A lot of people may not even notice that you strung Christmas lights, but they'll appreciate the ambience it creates for you.

There are several ways to hang Christmas lights for a wedding if you have stairs or a staircase to decorate. You can choose to wrap rope lights, or just ordinary lights around the banister or railings. If you can find heart shaped lights to wrap around the stairs that be cute, too! Sort of a mix between Christmas lights and something appropriate for a wedding.

There are a lot of great ways to hang Christmas lights for a wedding, but a lot of it depends on the particular venue that you choose. Decorating with lights is a cost effective way to decorate, as well as being relatively simple. Lights really do add a lot to a space and can easily help you achieve the feel you are looking for. Don't be afraid to experiment with lights!


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    • kids-toy-box profile image

      kids-toy-box 7 years ago

      Some useful tips! Fairy lights do create a cosy ambience. I love the feel of them in the winter.Here in Berlin most of the city centre gets draped in Christmas Lights.Love how they look around the trees.