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Creative Ways to Say I Love You - on Valentine's Day and Every Day

Updated on January 6, 2020

How to Say I Love You for the First Time

Are you looking for a way to say "I love you" for the first time? Or perhaps you want to say "I love you" in a new way for Valentine's Day this year? Or forget any milestone or holiday--do you just want to find a fresh way to share with your partner exactly how much you love him or her? Whether it's Valentine's Day or any ole day of the year, there are unique ways to say I love you anytime.

Do you like to be creative? Here are some ideas to spur on the romance on Valentine's Day or anytime.

Ideas with Hearts Beyond Valentine's Day

Use conversation hearts to spell out your message.
Use conversation hearts to spell out your message. | Source

Say I Love You with Candy Hearts

I really don't like the taste of those little conversation hearts that fill the shelves before Valentine's Day, except for the ones made to taste like Sweet Tarts. I do, however, think the cheesy messages on them are kind of cute. I love you. Hugs. Be mine. Ur mine. Sweet Pea. My Girl. Gotcha. My Love. Mad 4 You. LOL. The list goes on . . . .

Conversation hearts can be fun, as there are some unique, romantic things to be done with them. For those couples established in their relationship, just giving the partner a different one with a different saying every day can be fun. Following through with what the heart says--Kiss, Hug--can be even more fun.

For those who want to say "I love you" for the first time and beyond, simply find the "I love you" candy heart, and give it to the recipient or leave it for him or her to find in a special place. But you can do something much more grand than that.

  • On a card or piece of construction paper, glue on candy hearts in the shape of a heart with the "I love you" heart glued in the middle of the heart.
  • Do a similar thing, but glue the hearts on in the shape of "I (heart) you."
  • Have the recipient pick out candy hearts from a container as a game, with the two of you having to follow through with what the heart says. Kiss? Sure. Hug? Sure. I love you? Sure--just say it!

Meatloaf in a Heart-Shaped Pan

A heart-shaped meatloaf that I made for my boyfriend last Valentine's Day.
A heart-shaped meatloaf that I made for my boyfriend last Valentine's Day. | Source

Say I Love You with Food

Make a heart-shaped food. Purchase muffin-tins or cookie cutters to make heart-shaped sweets. But you don't have to limit your treat to sweets. You can make a meal out of it with meatloaf or other main dish! See photo to see what I made last year for Valentine's Day.

For an added touch, use a cake decorating kit to write "I Love You" with frosting, or other condiments (ketchup on meatloaf, for example!) on the food items.

Romantic Collage

Collage of relationship
Collage of relationship | Source

Say I Love You with a Collage

Have you ever made a collage? This project consists of cut-outs of meaningful items, all glued or pasted together, perhaps to tell a story. This is something to have fun with. Make sure you have construction paper, glue, and scissors. Get out magazines and cut and glue to your heart's content.

Cut out hearts, of course, and anything else that relates to love. Be as creative as you want, but do make sure you include the word love in there somewhere or even the cut-out phrase "I love you" if you can find one.

Put your heart into it. Add pictures of things that are important to your special person. Cut out items that are important to both of you. Be sure to include lots or romantic pictures and words.

Write a love poem

Write a poem to declare your love. It can rhyme or not, as long as the poem comes from the heart.

For a simple type of poetry, try writing a Valentine haiku that consists of only three lines.

Read the poem aloud to your loved one, or frame it, perhaps with some candy hearts glued on the frame.

Love in the air--even on a dirty car.
Love in the air--even on a dirty car. | Source

Express your love anywhere

Does your sweetie have a dirty car? Or a foggy bathroom mirror? Take advantage of that to draw a heart or write "I love you" with your finger across the dirt on one of the car windows.

In lieu of the foggy bathroom mirror, slap on an "I love you" with lipstick to greet him, ladies. For the gentlemen, shaving cream or even toothpaste will do the job.

Say I Love You in a Song

Songs have always been a way for everyone to express feelings, obviously. Do the old-fashioned thing and make a mix tape. Some of us could still play the ones made on cassette tapes of yore. Of course, you can opt for making a CD of your favorite love songs.

If you're really brave and want to sing, do it! Do you play an instrument? Strum the guitar and sing a song you know or a song you've written yourself. Or can you sing acapella? Be brave and sing your love to your partner. Going the Karaoke route could be another fun way. If you have your own Karaoke machine as I do, pick out a love song that says those three special words, and sing them to your partner.

As another option, go out to a Karaoke bar as part of your Valentine's date and sing your love song for your admirer. That option is for people with guts, of course.

Happy Valentine's Day!

No matter if it's the first time or the thousandth time, saying--and hearing--those three little words can mean a lot both to the speaker and the recipient. It doesn't hurt to spice things up with a few romantic ways to say "I love you."

However you express your love this Valentine's Day, sincerity is key, but creativity can help it along.

© 2013 Victoria Lynn


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