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Creative ways to celebrate your anniversary on a budget

Updated on May 20, 2013

Romance on a budget

Many of us have learned that a romantic anniversary getaway or even a romantic night out can be very pricey. So I have compiled a list of ideas that you can still have that romantic anniversary celebration without breaking the bank and it can still be a memory to cherish for a lifetime!

Of course depending on what type of budget you are dealing with makes a difference so here are some ideas for a tight budget and some ideas that don't have to cost a thing.

#1- Formal Romance- Plan ahead and send him\her out on a lengthy errand or if necessary have a family member or friend keep him\her away for a few hours without raising suspension. While he\she is gone clean the house and light candles, put fresh sheets on the bed and if possible rose petals scattered on the bed is nice, fix his\her favorite meal or call for delivery but be sure and serve it on the finest china dishes that you have, serve in the candlelight, go ahead and dress up like you did when you were dating, rose petals from the door to the dining room will be a pleasant surprise when he\she walks through the door with all the candles lit and the lights turned down, and also have some music playing softly. Enjoy the dinner like you would had you gone to a fancy restaurant without the distraction of anything just focusing on that special someone, after dinner forget the mess (it can be cleaned up later) treat him\her to a romantic bubble bath, (don't talk about kids, work, money etc...) reminisce about the day that you were married and how happy that you were and talk about the day that you met and be sure to tell him\her what made you fall in love and why you love him\her more now than you did on that day. I'm sure that you can figure out the rest. But this could truly be the best anniversary that you have ever had! Be creative and have fun.

#2 -Fun Romance- Begin the evening by cooking your favorite meal together but be creative and fun maybe coon in only an apron or even in your birthday suit, something skimpy, prepare you meal a little seductively..... you get the hint, then enjoy your meal in candle light, then maybe watch a romantic comedy movie together and start kissing and touching etc... (don't finish the movie) see where things go from there. Again be creative and have fun, just enjoy your silly romantic side.

#3- An Evening to Remember- After a romantic meal together whether going out or eating in your choice take your special someone to the living room (make sure it is clean) turn on your favorite romantic music and slow dance while looking into each others eyes and whispering sweet things to each other, remembering why you fell in love with that person and all the reasons that you are still in love, be sure and tell him\her how you feel, hold each other close, afterwards take that special lady\man for a stroll in the moonlight enjoy each others company and keep close, maybe stop to share a kiss and hug, when you get back to the house maybe watch a movie, take a shower or bath together give each other a massage etc... Be sure though that before hand that you both write letters or cards to each other to read at the end of the evening, a perfect ending to the perfect evening.

#4- Relaxing Romance- Make it a spa evening for two in the comfort of your own home, maybe have dinner together and then retreat to the bath for a long relaxing bubble bath for two with candles lit all around, afterwards take turns rubbing each other down with lotion and giving each other a relaxing massage (of course paying special attention to those "special" areas without going too far yet...) Admire your partner as you massage and talk sweetly to him\her throughout the whole process take your time do not get in a hurry, this can be the beginning to a WHOLE lot more... just relax and enjoy forget about the pressure of being on a tight budget, make the night just about you two and soak up the feel of your partners hands as they massage you and enjoy making him\her feel good in return. This is one of the best anniversary gifts that you can give one another and it doesn't cost a dime.

#5- Sweet Romance- (Be sure that you shower BEFORE this one) After dinner treat your partner to dessert but in a whole new way!!! Tell your partner that dessert will be served shortly but AFTER you give him\her their anniversary gift and let them open their gift of edible underwear (available at your local adult novelty store for under $10) or a can of reddi whip and strawberries or chocolate syrup etc... take this to the bedroom and dessert is served!! Have fun and be sure that you BOTH get your dessert!

#6- Photographic Romance- Tell your partner that you have an anniversary photo shoot scheduled (let him\her dread it) that evening when you get home get your camera ready and dress is something sexy and do multiple photos in different parts of the house or (if it's private) the yard, get a little frisky while taking photos together, try different risque poses, try on different sexy outfits or underwear that you may have and have fun with these sexy poses and who knows maybe you will make a movie before the night is over. (you will want to be sure that these pics are kept in a safe place away from children or family and friends) It will be something that you can remember forever! Be sure and pull the pics out next year on your anniversary, who knows this may be something that you want to do every year....

#7- Kidnapping Romance- Kidnap your partner from work (You should definitely pre arrange this with the boss) Blindfold him\her and take them to a romantic spot away from the hustle and bustle of town and have a romantic picnic in private (Be sure to bring wine or champagne) take a walk together and be playful and romantic, kiss like you did when you were dating, take a blanket to lay on the ground on hold each other and talk about nothing special (be sure to keep the convo light and stress free) maybe if you are far enough away from people you could slip off some unnecessary clothing and enjoy the great outdoors and the feel of your partners closeness and then you decide what else....

#8- Wedding night romance- Watch your wedding video together and relive the day\night that you were married and how you felt, tell your partner how you felt and what you were thinking during the different parts of the video, then recreate your wedding night the best way possible, only you know how to do this but trust me this can be a very special memory for both partners, be sure to remember even those funny and embarrassing moments as well as the fun, romantic ones.

#9- Distraction free Romance- If possible take the day off and the two of you spend the entire day together without the distraction of cell phones, computers, tv or absolutely anything, make this day 100% about the two of you turn off and unplug any distraction and devote all your attention to your partner and what they want\need. With this you can add any of the above.

#10- Staycation Romance- There are plenty of ways to take a vacation without ever leaving your hometown, go for a bikeride together, go to the lake or beach, go to the zoo or theatre, find an arcade or bowling alley or skating rink, whatever fits the two of you the best, you can have fun and lots of romance without ever leaving town (of course if you have children be sure to get a babysitter for the day and night) remember how you used to find things to do when you were dating, re create one of your favorite local dates. Just have lots of fun without spending a lot of money, hold hands and steal kisses like you used to, this will get you both anticipating the evening activities!

These are just a few ideas on how you can have fun and be romantic without spending a lot of money and in all reality these may even be more fun and special than the anniversaries that cost s lot of money because you have put more thought into planning this romantic day\night. But more importantly make sure that your partner knows just how special that they are to you and how much you love them and wouldn't want to live your life without him\her!

If anyone has any other creative ideas I would love to hear about them.


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