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Crowded Mind

Updated on October 5, 2011

The problem

Just a thought ...

Oh my! It's a very crazy situation. Do not know what to do anymore. My mind is so crowded with so many things that I do not know where to start. I do not have any idea on how to weigh things out.

So how should I go with the process of coming with the right deci sion? (If there's such a thing)

The scenarios goes like this ... A guy just broke up with his girlfriend for almost five years. Along the way, he meet a bubbly girl and courted her. Luckily the girl also liked him. And they've been in a happy relationship. When the former girlfriend learned about the current love life of the guy, she told the guy that she still love him. The guy is now confused - who should he choose? the present who he just meet a month ago? or the past who he loved for years?

The choices

To choose the past for the time not to be wasted. The security was there. They have been in different up and downs of life, and was able to bounce back.And yes, he still loves her. He always talk about her with his present.

To choose the present for he experienced the happiness with her. That he had been unconditionally loved by the present. She's the only person who showed interest to his being, his works and the likes without him asking.

But, he both love them . . . in different ways ... and now so confused that he carefully examines every facet of the situation ...

If I were the guy, whom should I choice? Oh oh oh ... I do not know ... and I do not want to be in that scenario ... its so complicated and crazy ... you? Do you have a choice?


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