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Crucial Dating Rules Every Woman Must Know

Updated on July 25, 2010

Advice for Women in the Dating Trenches

Every single woman out there has probably had success and failure in the dating world. When faced with disasters, do you know what caused things to go south? Chances are, you have tried every technique in the book. Here are some tips for those awkward but exciting first dates.

-Don't spout off your accomplishments like it's an interview. Ladies, ladies, ladies. If a guy wants to know more about you, he will ASK. You know that you are successful, intelligent, beautiful and fun. By giving your entire life story (including the volleyball championship in 6th grade to prove how athletic you are), there is nothing left to the imagination.

-Speaking of accomplishments, there is no need to declare how independent you are. Sure, you are a successful business woman, college educated and can change the oil in your car. So what do you need a man for? Men like to know that there is something that they can contribute, so coming off as a girl MacGuyver, even if you are, is very off putting. As you get to know someone, there will be plenty of time to show them how amazing you are.

-Lose the talk of matrimony. Many women want a house, babies and a white picket fence. That is wonderful, and many men want that too...someday. The likelihood that they are thinking of putting a ring on your finger on the first, or even third date, are slim to none. Relax! By being in a hurry to move things to the next level, you miss out on those wonderful first moments with someone special, and may overlook major character flaws in the process. Even if a guy asks you how you feel about marriage, try not to gush something like, "Oh my GOD I am so glad you asked! Want to see my ten year collection of bride magazines?"

-Don't give it up so soon. There is so much to be said for withholding intimate encounters for much later. Everyone has had a few casual flings, and that is certainly fine. But in order to really get started off on the right foot, save the bedroom activities for later. The expression "Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?" IS true!

-Respect him. Be really careful to listen to what HE has to say. If he has nothing interesting to say, then maybe you shouldn't be talking to him in the first place! Move on if he bores you so much you find yourself nodding off. But if you like him and you don't have a clue what a Cummings Diesel is, ask him! Show some interest in what it is that makes him who he is!

-Be the one to wrap things up for the night. So you have had a WONDERFUL first date, you have really connected with someone, and you don't want the night to end...that's the time for the night to end! Tell him you had a great time, and you hope to do it again soon. Give him a peck on the cheek and your phone number and WALK away. Let him take it from there. If he is interested, he will call. And if he's not, how is stalking him going to make him change his mind?

Remember that the right guy is out there for you, somewhere. So take your time in finding him, and don't ever compromise yourself for a guy. Don't change who you are for anyone. Just be yourself, and relax a little bit. Happiness and love will find you!


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