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Crucifiction of love

Updated on April 5, 2015
Juliet Faith profile image

Hi, young and youthful girl here looking to just put interesting good writing out. Hope you follow me.

Ideals of love

So, love is this epic event in two peoples lives where you both realize you love each other and you are in love with each other, Right? It is also said that when two people are in love it is meant to be forever. Is that right? If that is true, why the need for divorce? How do you know when it is one true love? Is there a secret code you have to follow or abide by? Is there a template to true love?

Fact or Fiction

I would say love is only as epic as you choose it to be. Forever, is only as long as the effort you put into the loving relationship. I always thought divorce was if you were in danger not because your lazy. Maybe, the answer lies only within the one true couple. Relationships or love is a reciprocal of faith, what you are bond by is what you abide by. There is only one type of true love.

common love ideal

The law in love

Really, I think the only true law for love is that of marriage and divorce. I don't think there is anything telling or not telling you who you can or can not love. Love is open to freedom of choice in any sense. Very confusing thing... Reason for the hub.


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